Thursday, February 24, 2005


ok. i'm pissed off. because of friggen telstra being so bloody useless, we don't have net in the house until 7th of march.
yes, i am homicidal.
so sorry bunnies, but i don't think i'll be blogging too much before i get my poor baby connected to the net again.
i think i need to get someone to send me a new book from finland. i went through naisen seksuaalisuus in less than 24hrs. heh. also underlined half of the book on the way.
saw the weirdest shit this morning.
the frenchman was doing his brekky as i came back from my jog. he was preparing tea, which was normal... but then he went and threw three weetbix blocks into his tea. let me repeat that: weetbix IN tea. right. i'm living with freaks. freaks i tell you.
alright. better head to work.

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