Thursday, August 31, 2006

inspired out of my brain

funny times bunnies.

i've been so incredibly inspired this week that its borderline scary. i'm coming up with new ideas for art works every day and its getting so overwhelming that i'm starting to forget them. i've actually had to start a new journal on macjournal just to store the ideas.

i've got 5 new works on my to-do list and all of them have formed in my head between monday and thursday.

mebbe the inability to vent out the creative energy through sex has transformed into a need to create? fuck. does this mean that to be inspired i must stop having sex? now there's a scary thought if i've ever seen one!

anyhoo, the latest one popped up in my head yesterday as i was walking home from work. and now i need a polaroid camera. i've always wanted one but since the film is sooooo bloody expensive, i've never been able to justify buying it.

what's a good (and cheap) polaroid camera? where can i buy one around cbd sydney / online .au stores?

by the way, if any of you mac using uber-bunnies are also blogger / livejournal users: macjournal kicks arse.

Monday, August 28, 2006

first draft of exegesis 50% done (raw text 5k/10k) - 13 days to go

warning: ranting ahead

ok. i tried to be good and tried to let it go but fuck if i can. so here goes.

i wouldn't necessarily consider myself a grownup, but as i am nearing the daunting three-o i do expect myself as well as the people i interact with to be able to discuss and process situations as grownups. logic and reason are far underestimated if you ask me.

what brought the wrath on this time?

see, last night i was thrown in the middle of a situation that i was not expecting. a mutual acquaintance of me and my friend suddenly popped back to say hello after a break of a few years.

back in the day the three of us were in daily contact and on one memorable occasion shared a very entertaining brunch.

well, this acquaintance of ours, she thought that it would be a fantastic idea for the three of us to catchup since it was fun yrs ago and so much time had passed since. surely this was a lovely idea.

or had been if it weren't for the fact that this friend of mine had cut off all contact with me nearly a year ago with no apparent reason or a prior warning.

while romantic relationships are fickle and due to the depth of the emotions and the intimacy involved can result into situations so inflamed that it would seem justified to perform such an abrubt disconnection, aren't platonic friendships supposed to be far more stabile and open even if between a female and a male?

i do have a hazy theory based on the personality and life situation of my friend as well as the pre-disconnection behaviour of people close to him. however i can't be sure since it really was a total surprise. if i had done something to bring it on, i - still to this day - am entirely oblivious to it.

no, logic or reason didn't help with this one.

the awkwardness of the conversation brought back the frustration that i had felt when the communication was cut off, and his behaviour made no effort to correct the situation.

while i believe he is entitled to cut off and/or continue any friendship as he wishes, i do believe that the 'right' way of dealing with situation such as this would be to provide at least some level of explanation and/or warning of what was to come.

wouldn't you agree?

now i'm just annoyed that a kind gesture of an old friend brought back an issue i had filed away already ages ago. *growl*

'that's it, i'm done! behind the barn - off you go!'

a very productive day

[insert here a slightly less stressed chicky]

i had a very inspiring and beneficial meeting with my supervisor today. suddenly the exegesis seems less daunting.

i have decided to write up the first draft of my exegesis within the next two weeks and thought i'd better get right to it.

i wrote about 1k on blogging on my way training home and just finished ranting on another 1k on the idea of the accompanying stories as well as the importance of text in my work.

in total, i have almost 5k of raw text accumulated towards the 10k of finished text.

suddenly it seems possible to actually pull this through after all. who would've thunk it?

wake up it's a beautiful morning...

i do really, REALLY love my view. in fact, i think i am quite the happy lil chicky existing in my lil bachelorette pad.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


i really should be getting into this exegesis shit now that deviant is away for a couple of weeks. yet i find myself reading every bloody book i can get my hands on. and no, these are in no way related to my exegesis subject.

well, i suppose irvine welsh goes from sodomy to necrophilia and any other form of sex pretty easily, but i dare say i'd still find it difficult to argue it within my focus of studies...

prolly a good thing now that i think abt it.

but hey if i aroused your curiosity, get your hands on irvine welsh's ecstasy. well worth the giggle.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

all that's missing is a bloody apron!

i must be hormonal or someshit. i've been cleaning up like a madman all day. first my computer and then my apartment.

it started with sorting out my iphoto, continued as an innocent act of wiping the desk and suddenly i have went through all those piles of papers that mysteriously pile up in certain spots around the place. and then it got out of hands and i've pretty much gone through all the junk that i have and tidied everything up.

you should see the mountain of excess crap i have piled up for throwing away. i reckon that's at least three trips to the bins.

i feel heaps better, but now i feel like i need to do something to myself. mebbe a run would help? the weather certainly seems nice enough...

Friday, August 25, 2006

exegesis 30% done (6 stories - 3k/10k)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

yay for finnish design

i was able to acquire a half a dozen of tsaikka glasses in their original box from a local auction house for $5. score.

timo sarpaneva designed the tsaikka glass for iittala in 1957 and it has always been one of my iittala favourites. in fact, some of my earliest christmas/winter memories include eggnog/glög served from these glasses at my grandparents' house.

mebbe during the next xmas holidays i can hook up some glög from ikea and serve it hot from my own tsaikka glasses. its really quite funny how these lil patriotic things pop up once you're far enough for long enough. honestly didn't think i had it in me before i left the country...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

abt a friggen time...

there's something abt bikinis that just makes it borderline impossible to find a pair i'd be willing to pay the price for. the last bikinis that ifound and bought was in 2001.

however, by some miracle i found these yesterday. there was only one pair left, they were my size and a *perfect* fit. it was meant to happen.

they're gorgeous and i can't wait for summer so that i can start wearing them!

Monday, August 21, 2006

rock and/or roll at penriff heights

phew. that was a big one.

pg and his lovely gf retro doll had invited us over for house warming drinkies on saturday. on our way to their place we visited swinging susan and discoman.

swinging susan is preggers BIG TIME and about to pop any day now. she was wearing a bright red polka dot top that amplified the belly into gigantic proportions and i can tell you bunnies, that it was one of the most beautiful things i have seen.

see, while i do hate kids i still think that the belly of a pregnant woman is incredibly beautiful.

they had created the perfect lil love nest ready for the baby to arrive they seemed very happy and excited about this new project about to launch.


we arrived at pg & retro doll's house 4pm on the dot. heh, i bet they were expecting me to arrive at least a few hrs late as i usually do. we were treated with a delicious dinner cooked from scratch (everything dairy free too!) and to top off a perfect dinner, retro doll whipped up a divine berry pie for dessert.

we marinated ourselves in hefty quantities of alcohol throughout the night and by the time someone brought out the single malt and the cards, deviant gave up and passed out on the couch.

i pissed myself laughing with retro doll trying to make the bed for deviant while he was passed out on it and growling like the piss monster he was. we were only trying to make him more comfy but i think he just thought that we were poking him with sticks just to disturb his sleep. hilarious i tell you.


the next day i was hoping i would have passed out when he did. i was pretty fucken fragile all day. we went to katoomba and did the whole touristy snap-happy thing before driving back to the city.

i honestly didn't think i'd make it back to deviant's house and i dare say it was the most painful car ride of my life. after arrival, i crawled into his bed and curled into a small trembling ball while he carefully glued the broken pieces back together and let me sleep it off in his arms. to finish off the recovery process, he cooked a delicious dinner carefully listening to my hangover cravings.

such a good man he is.

the little sources of disgust

you know how everyone has those little things that they just can't stand?

someone goes apeshit after finding the toilet seat up, somone can't stand the toothpaste being squeezed from the middle and someone can't handle their cd collection out of order.

well, i can't stand sticky things. you know, little sauce bottles in your fridge that are sticky around the neck. little patches of floor that your sock sticks on or the glue of a price tag remaining on the bottom of a bowl and endlessly sticking to your fingers. i fucken hate sticky things.

well, i just discovered that a tub of hair removal wax had leaked and created a whole world of sticky in my cuboard.

i am not happy.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

bloody gadgets

well, there's one night of my life that i'll never get back.

as i've been ranting apleanty already, i bought a macbook. since i already have a desktop pc, this is the second computer in my lil bachelorette pad and of course both of my babies need to be online.

i walked into this computer store near my work and asked for a router. the response was a blank stare. after a very meaninful silence the guy behind the counter goes 'sorry, i don't mean to be sexistic, but its not often that a lady walks in and asks for something like that...' managing to swallow my annoyance, i eventually walked out of the store with a router.

as soon as i got home, the trouble started. i couldn't get the bloody thing working. i know i'm no tech head, but i'm not that much of an airhead either and that fucken piece of shit was driving me insane. at the end of a very fucken annoying fight, i gave up only to realise that i can actually hook up both of my babies to the adsl2+ modem that i had. silly bridget.

even tho i got my money back the next day as i returned the router, i did have to pay a very high price: i had to play the dumb lil woman role complete with the '...i'll just stick to my lip gloss from now on and leave this tech stuff to men...' line.


widget testing

fantastic things these widgets really. now i found one that allows me to blog straight from my desktop with a single button click.

mebbe this will inspire me to rant some more?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


i cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to be a mac user again. everything just works and looks so perty.

i've said it before and i'll say it again: fuck pcs.

quoting a hot-momma-to-be friend of mine: 'comparing macs and pcs is like comparing jamiroquai's car to john howard's car...' and johnny dear, i'm done with your oh-so-boring wheels. i need some eye pleasuring excitement. yes.

oh, found another perty addition to my baby. since the macbook only has 80gigs of hard drive space, i opted for an external one to store my working files on:

Monday, August 14, 2006

isn't she perty?

and she's mine, all mine!

...yeh, the tax returns came through and i marched straight into the closest apple centre and walked out with a box full of black & beautiful sleek portable perfection. sooo perty.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

the world is feeling smaller by the day

its funny what a difference the technology can make.

my mum has finally got her webcam purchased and installed at home. only took abt half a year of whinging to get her to do that. well, since that i've been able to transfer myself in the middle of our livingroom weekly while catching up with my family almost face to face. makes such a big difference compared to just hearing the voice.

(oh btw, any of you irl bunnies around the world are using skype, you can find me under the skypename 'firstname.lastname')

also, technology would make my jogs more interesting if i'd finally get the battery changed to my heart rate monitor watch. now i just have to go for my runs without recording the data.

oh well, its a beautiful enough day here is sydney again and for two days in a row the weather has provided enough motivation for running.

[insert here a chicky as sweaty and pink as a piggy on a barbie]

tomorrow deviant is driving me down to kiama and back to shoot my next video. such a perfect man he is. which reminds me, better go and scrub myself up so that i'll have enough time to doll up before he gets here.

Friday, August 11, 2006

simply brilliant

Thursday, August 10, 2006

'i am here to fix your computer miss...'

tell you what bunnies, i'm getting spoiled rotten.

my home desktop was dying. the two case fans had died a long time ago and the cpu fan was on it's last breath. the poor thing threw a hissy fit every time i tried to work it any harder than the usual web browsing. first the bloody overheated drama queen would freeze and then crash like the pc it is.

naturally, this was pretty fucken annoying.

yesterday, deviant hunted down the right parts for my computer, picked me up from work and fixed my computer straight away. such a good man he is! now my baby is purring like a kitten again. well, mebbe a kitty with tb, but purring none the less!

since my baby was able to handle a proper workload again without spazzing out, i started working on the layout for deviant's article while he cooked me a gourmet dinner. he truly treats me like a princess. tho i am certainly not complaining - i am luvin every second of it!

mmm... there is just something so incredibly porn in a real man fixing things with tools. it just does it for me.

Monday, August 07, 2006

so close yet so far...

don't you just hate life's lil unexpected disappointments?

the day would have been perfect if you had no knowledge of it, yet the lil possibility of something nice suddenly fucking up dulls even the things that are going good.

take this for example:

i joined arts hub the other week. (for those who are not familiar with the site, its an australian job site for people working in the arts industry.) well, apparently you got a lil merchandise mug sent home after joining in.

i just got out of shower when the buzzer went off. it was the mailman informing me that he had a lil parcel for me. so i had to quickly dress up in something and run downstairs. it was a lil mug sized box with arts hub logo on it so i guessed what it was straight away.

excited over this lil unexpected positive surprise, i ran back upstairs opening the box as i go. really, i felt like a lil kid on xmas. well, not only was the mug broken in pieces, they had thrown in a lil freddo chocolate to cheer up my day. well, i'm lactose intolerant and can't eat chocolate.

so instead of cheering up my day, i was delivered with a double disappointment and now have a bloody chocolate on the desk making me crave something i can't have.

*deep sigh*

scientific vs. arty

you know what bunnies? even tho i am hardly the stereotypical chick, i do think i can still play the good girlfriend part pretty damn well when i feel like it.

see, i was waiting with a delicious spicy tomato pasta dinner and a glass of white when the tired fisherman returned from his trip last night. even tho he is the master chef and i do feel slightly intimidated cooking for him, i think i've done well the times i have. at least the feedback has been positive.

we just have entirely different ways of cooking. he's the perfectionist 'everything must be done from scratch' and 'presentation is everything' kind of chef with near scientific precise method for cooking and cutting every part of the meal.

where as i am more of the 'mmm... let's throw in this, some of this, pour more wine into the chef, add a lil bit of this and some of that and see what happens...' type. surprisingly my method seems to work too. mind you, it doesn't look as convincing during the process and the presentation is usually just chucking it into a bowl. next to a glass of wine of course.

but i have to say that its all good. instead of causing arguments or disagreements, the two very different approaches seem to compliment each other and i for one have learned a lot from my borderline pedantic hottie chef already. we just take turns in cooking and while one's cooking the other one is assisting without meddling in. works like a treat and the food is always uber delicious.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

chicks & champers

last night was our soon-to-be-a-tradition chicky night out with miss pearl, kato and the ever beautiful gaia.

the pre-party was at miss pearl's new apartment. she's been talking the place up for couple of months already, but i have to say that it was even better than i expected. incredible lil nest with fantastic location, harbour bridge & opera house views and funky lil decor a la miss pearl. such a perfect lil love nest for her and mr hero.

and i have to admit bunnies, seeing her apartment did nearly jumpstart my bloody nesting instinct too.

we started out with way too many bottles of white outside on the balcony eating lil nibblies and once it got too chilly we moved indoors to the cozy lounge room. we were very drunk, bubbly, giggly, girly and quite loud i'm affraid. once the first neighbour appeared behind miss pearl's door to politely suggest that we could turn the volume down a bit, we decided it was time to move on.

we ended up sloshed and giggly as all hell, dancing, drinking and teasing poor lil men at the cross. i entertained myself by shooting the poor bastards down after their cheesy lines or boring compliments. mind you, it does grow old pretty fast. i'd rather go out with deviant, cause his mere presence is usually enough to repell any unwanted male attention.

i do think i'm a bit of a cunt to strangers approaching me in a bar. i just can't help it. they are so transparent and simple with their attempts to stick their man meat into any hole available and i'd rather make it clear from the start that they're wasting their time in my case.

i'd never start anything with someone i meet in a bar anyway. not that i'd have anything morally against it - i'd have to have at least some level of morals to begin with - but it just doesn't do it for me for some reason. *shrugs*

in the end every boring cunt trying to pick me up just makes deviant look better and better in my eyes.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

exegesis: 25% done. (2 500/10 000 words)

one step closer to portable perfection?

yesterday was good. had a day off but spent it doing my taxes online, sorting up my costume jewellery (and throwing out 60% of it) and cleaning up the place here and there.

i realised that my tuition fees are tax deductible and since they pile up to nearly $17k over the last tax year, its a big deal. if the e-tax program is right, i should be getting enough money back to buy the macbook that has been causing me wet dreams for quite a while now. *drools*

*fingers crossed*

oh, and last night was great. deviant cooked up a massive feast. the biggest and fattest steaks i have seen in my life with roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes accompanied by his trademark chilli salad. sooo yummy. and of course we marinated ourselves with a couple of bottles of red wine while cooking.

the routine lately has been to walk to the store, pick up stuff for dinner, walk home via the liquor store that has wine tasting every night, grab a couple of bottles of the best one, consume the wine while cooking and then just feast till we both resemble beached whales and fall asleep half way through a twin peaks episode.

heh. good stuff i tell you.

which reminds me: bunnies, if you like red wine, make sure you give peter lehmann barossa range cabernet sauvignon 2003 a go. best red i have ever had. or to quote citronella 'this is the hook-up!'

wasn't the dudesons (male) pig named britney?

i think she is my favourite celebrity of the day.

its people like her that make it so easy for the rest of us to appear intelligent, charming and beautiful with no effort what so ever.

tell you what bunnies, gotta luv her.