Monday, August 28, 2006

warning: ranting ahead

ok. i tried to be good and tried to let it go but fuck if i can. so here goes.

i wouldn't necessarily consider myself a grownup, but as i am nearing the daunting three-o i do expect myself as well as the people i interact with to be able to discuss and process situations as grownups. logic and reason are far underestimated if you ask me.

what brought the wrath on this time?

see, last night i was thrown in the middle of a situation that i was not expecting. a mutual acquaintance of me and my friend suddenly popped back to say hello after a break of a few years.

back in the day the three of us were in daily contact and on one memorable occasion shared a very entertaining brunch.

well, this acquaintance of ours, she thought that it would be a fantastic idea for the three of us to catchup since it was fun yrs ago and so much time had passed since. surely this was a lovely idea.

or had been if it weren't for the fact that this friend of mine had cut off all contact with me nearly a year ago with no apparent reason or a prior warning.

while romantic relationships are fickle and due to the depth of the emotions and the intimacy involved can result into situations so inflamed that it would seem justified to perform such an abrubt disconnection, aren't platonic friendships supposed to be far more stabile and open even if between a female and a male?

i do have a hazy theory based on the personality and life situation of my friend as well as the pre-disconnection behaviour of people close to him. however i can't be sure since it really was a total surprise. if i had done something to bring it on, i - still to this day - am entirely oblivious to it.

no, logic or reason didn't help with this one.

the awkwardness of the conversation brought back the frustration that i had felt when the communication was cut off, and his behaviour made no effort to correct the situation.

while i believe he is entitled to cut off and/or continue any friendship as he wishes, i do believe that the 'right' way of dealing with situation such as this would be to provide at least some level of explanation and/or warning of what was to come.

wouldn't you agree?

now i'm just annoyed that a kind gesture of an old friend brought back an issue i had filed away already ages ago. *growl*

'that's it, i'm done! behind the barn - off you go!'


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he wanted to get into your....well he fancied you. And you didn't fancy him.

He got the hump (or didn't I suppose) and thought cutting you off would get back at you.


tp said...

yes, that would be the text book case. but i am not unfamiliar with situations like that and dare say i would have been able to pick this as one if such was the case.

my theory on the situation is more along the lines of his gf not appreciating our friendship and him lacking the balls to stand up for it.

Anonymous said...


Stand up to the one person turning it on for you to protect a friendship with a good looking girl you ain't got no chance of scoring with.

What would I do? What would I do?