Monday, May 30, 2005

r.i.p. kitty - 17 days to go

this is not the happiest of days. our poor kitty got hit by a car right in front of the house and died. r.i.p. kitty dear, you were a purrrfect lil pet. i will miss you heaps.

and yes, i am crying my eyes out and it's not a pretty sight.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Restarting operating system in Single mode. Please stand by.

18 days to go

Critical Failure while running Expected Behavioural Pattern update demanded by The Aging process: Nest Building Instinct not detected. Attempting to fix the problem by installing Family batch 1.0.

Operating System failed to locate a suitable driver for running Maternity. Installing Travel Far And Wide (Oceania built 2.002) instead.

Installation of Mortgage, Volvo and German Shepherd Basic bundle failed due to the prior installation of University Life: Fine Arts Student 3.0.

Installation of Family batch 1.0 aborted.

Do you wish to install Reckless Young Adult Refusing To Grow Up 1.0 instead?

The drivers about to be installed have not been verified with the Accepted By The Public View or The Right Thing To Do certificates.

Installing Newtown-sider: Goon Built 1.80 into a system that already has Scandinavian Background & Values 2.7 with plugins Prissy Princess 2.0 and Demanding Bitch 2.2 installed, may cause critical system instability and prevent application Long Term Boyfriend from running smoothly.

All files have not been installed properly. System instability may occur.

Press Any Key to restart.

way the go girl!

i got woken up by a phone call in the middle of the night, but the message was important so i didn't get pissy. thanks t for delivering the message.

you've lost weight,
pretty girl ;)

all i heard, was that my beautiful friend had a baby boy yesterday at 1pm (finnish time). as everyone knows, i hate kids, but it doesn't stop me from being excited abt my friends going through these massive life changers. i have to admit, that i was hoping to see the tummy before it popped, but now i want to see the drop- dead- gorgeous- to- be mustard machine.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

where did that friday go? - 19 days to go

alrighty, retro friday entry:

worked all day, which was good. i am really starting to enjoy working at the auction house. at the moment i'm assisting the photographer (read: i am a sad and pathetic photoshop monkey). i was editing bling-bling all day and some gorgeous vintage clothing too. man, i wanted to own half of the shit flashing past my screen.

oh, and i saw ned kelly's bed. well, the bed he slept on before he was killed. it sat next to me for couple of hrs before someone came to pick it up.

didn't do shit for my essay last night as i had to clean up my room for this morning's inspection. now i have a pretty and clean comfy room, so working should be more fun for a while.

oh, watched bad santa last night with sunshine. it was actually pretty fucken funny. not a great film and even borderline good, but funny as fuck. some of the dialoque was just absolutely brilliant.

i was suprised to find out that the excecutive producers were the coen brothers who i shamelessly worship.

but yeah, not fantastic, but definitely entertaining.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

pathetic attempt

grh. 2500 word essay to write and the hardest part is to get it started.

here i am staring at the empty word doc trying to come up with the first words. i reckon i'll be better off starting with the most annoying yet easiest part: reference list. then i'll at least be typing something...

wish me luck, bunnies!


woohooo! introduction done! the rest is easy. i think this is enough for the day and i can continue tomorrow. nitey bunnies!

the cutest thing i've seen for a while!

(US$48 from felissimo products)
[via] <-- tira: you might find this blog interesting

wondering - 21 days to go

the locals seem to fully appreciate the creativity that we finns put into our swearing and cursing. these are the favourites so far:
  • "draw a cunt over your head and flee for the mountains"
    (veda vittu paahasi ja pakene vuorille)
  • "your mum copulates with reindeers"
    (aitis nussii poroja)
  • "even a rat has a hole"
    (reika se on rotallakin)
  • "face like the elephant's cunt"
    (naama norsunvitulla)
now i need help bunnies, which other sayings would be good translated?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


i slept in. couldn't get up early enough and now my morning is fucked. i don't really have time to write a proper entry, but i still have to share this:

i saw a fantastic film yesterday. prolly one of the best i've ever seen. bunnies, i strongly recommend you to get your hands on down by law directed by jim jarmusch in 1986. funny as fuck i tell you. and roberto benigni is just brilliant! "if looks can kill, i am a-dead now?"

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

today, i'm ecstatic! - 23 days to go

fucken fantastic! i just had a talk with my film studies lecturer and she approved my essay idea and film choise! i was so sure that she'd turn me down.
the problem was that there is only two (and a half) genres that she hates, and theyre horror and porn (+ romantic french comedies). i am writing my essay on the act of spectatorship and i want to write it on deep throat. so yeh, you can understand why i worried.
well, not only did she approve my idea but also point me to some excellent articles and essays and even hand me a copy of one of them.
it's all good bunnies, it's all good.


you know what bunnies?

the best feeling in the world, is to wake up conscious off every single muscle in your body, after a great workout the previous day. like, not sore, just that almost sore tension that makes you feel like a good girl. makes you aware that your workout wasn't in fact a waste of time.

s/p linework before aquatint for
sunshine (working title)

today, i am going to rock up at film studies lecture to watch a movie, then go and talk to my printmaking lecturer about the new print i did and prepare for tomorrow's screenprinting.

Monday, May 23, 2005

such a good lil girl i am - 24 days to go

the uni gym opened FINALLY today. it's been under renovations since the beginning of the semester and now it opens 3 weeks before the friggen semester finishes. oh well, better be happy abt the fact that it opened at all.

the good news is that the first 2 weeks are for free and i did a full on workout straight away today and will go again tomorrow. i never thought i'd be a gym junkie, but fuck i feel good afterwards.

did a decent load of work today at uni too, so i've really been a good girl today. really. for once. now i feel like a cup of green tea. it's all health health health darling...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

i suck

yet another lazy sunday when i really, REALLY couldn't have afforded to have one. not good. i've been a v. bad girl.

just came back from the movies. went and saw the new star wars with my flatties. i think darth vader doing the whole "frankestein breaking the chains and taking the first stiff steps" followed by the good ole cheesy "NOOOOooooooo......!" scream made my day. i couldn't help but giggle. i don't think that the fans appreciated. heh.

can't really tell you what i thought abt it bunnies. i expected it to suck so, SO very badly, that i almost ended up enjoying it. i just concentrated on the visuals and the sounds. *shrugs* and anakin's hair. he's kinda yummy.

coffee - 25 days to go

here again bunnies.

that saturday escaped a bit quicker than i would have wanted it to. good times tho. the boys have a major new mobile phone fever going on and matty got his already yesterday. yes, it's very perty and very, very wanky. today, they went to get one for sunshine.

the new flatmate diana (not sure abt the spelling yet, will correct that later) moved in on friday. so yesterday she came out with us to have her first australian beer (followed by the next ten or so) and finish it off with the traditinal oporto goodness.

we ended up pissing up in enmore last night. a typical great dodgy oz pub with a video jukebox and a pool table. and that's all we needed. it was cheesy 80s classics and whiskey all night and it was good.

matt's cool rabid dyke (man, i still love saying that cause believe it or not, it's justified) friend dragged in a horde of her friends who were all awesome. one of them was the most adorable and beautiful chick i have ever seen. despite the fact that she was over 30, she was this cute, tiny, flirty thing with massive mess of dreds all the way down to her mid thigh. when she got tipsy (and later on naturally drunk), she started to squal between her giggles, and it was just so very endearing. but at the same time she was also the most feisty thing i've ever met. she nearly tore a big guy into tiny lil shreds after he made the mistake of approaching her. i became a fan straight away. fantastic lil giggly thingie.

ooh, nearly forgot: i got the new audioslave album yesterday and it sounds really good. give it a go, bunnies.

Friday, May 20, 2005

tunes for friday night

put on leftfield & lydon - open up, and crank it out LOUD [insert here ecstatic caffeine od grin while bopping up'n down]

ooh, i'm going to go and see endorphin live tonight. never heard of them before, but my flatties said they'd be worth the effort. so soon i better start dolling up and then it's all abt shakin my booty to some quality tunes and boozing it up.

here's some samples of endorphin tunes: love is a dance floor, over and over and rewind (links to mp3 samples on the official endorphin website).

let me tell you bunnies: friday night is where it's at.

tickets paid! - 27 days to go

woot! just came back from the travel agency after paying my flights. that's almost half way home.

i have to stay in heathrow (i fucken HATE that airport!) for 12 hrs both ways. first i was really pissy abt that, but then i realised that its long enough to fuck off from the airport. i reckon its 10 hrs at tate modern for me! yay!

the only bad thing abt being so far away is that the flights take friggen ages and cost shitloads. it takes 38 hrs (!) for me to get from sydney to helsinki. t h i r t y - f u c k e n - e i g h t h o u r s ! man, i'm going to be one cranky miss when i get to helsinki. mum better have shitloads of salmiakki waiting for me. that should fix me alright. then i'll sleep solid till it's time to start mid-summer drinkies.

all you dear old mates who might be reading this back home: i'll be in finland from june 18th to july 19th. make sure you arrange some time for me and we'll have a quality bender for the whole month!

never say never(?)

i read tira's blog entry (in finnish) and i just couldn't resist taking on this one.

things that i will never, ever say:
  • "no, i don't think i need to buy any more shoes."
  • "can i have a beer, please?"
  • "i don't like asian food, can we go to a steak place instead?"
  • "what would i want to go to an art gallery for? all contemporary art is just bodily fluids in a jar..."
  • "not tonight marvin, i have a headache."
  • "nah, i think that movie is too arthouse for me. can we go and see the new hollywood blockbuster instead?"
  • "hands off! you should learn to concentrate on other things too and not always just sex!"
  • "darling husband, would you take the kids to the car already. otherwise we'll be late from church..."

Thursday, May 19, 2005

fin: haiku

sade nukahtaa
kaupungin kämmenelle.
pettymys kulkee varpaillaan.

by haikukone [via]

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

desperately seeking susan...?

good morning bunnies, where ever you are.

not sure if i mentioned already, but lynnie couldn't stay in our house. not cool. so we're still (or again, which ever) looking for a new flattie.

we made a new poster last night with sunshine and then spread it around the area. let's see if that gives us better applicants. the previous poster didn't seem to be working. i actually reckon that it was the wording on the previous poster that was slightly offensive/selective,

" bullshit, no drama,
no princesses (male or female) need apply... "

since the only people coming in were thick skinned germans who didn't speak english that well. heh.

this time we decided to go with sunshine's infamous humour penquin (seriously, don't ask) and i am scared to see who will pick up the add this time.

" live with a wanna-be-artist,
an it geek and a corporate whore
also sharing with a manic cat
and an over-emotional dog..."

naturally the fuckwit tried to put both "manic" and "over-emotional" in front of the artist, but i punched him both times.

oh well, let's see who shows up this time. i'll keep you posted bunnies.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

i want my money back?

crap. my class was cancelled. naturally i found out only after i read the note on the lecture room door.

just to give you a lil perspective to my crankiness: getting to uni for a morning lecture requires waking up at 5am, dragging my arse on the 7am train and sitting in it for two hrs to get to the fucken campus. not even mentioning the fact that the ticket there and back is $12/day.

all this to find out that my class is cancelled cause the teacher is sick.

i thought she was a superwoman. i didn't think she could get sick... i honestly believed that nothing short of death bed could keep her from doing her lectures. it appears that she is a mere mortal after all.

i reckon i'll have a lil power nap(*) to recover from the bloody cityrail.

(* power nap:

1. skull down a big arse mug of xtra strong coffee
2. set your alarm to go off in 30 mins
3. hit the sack

the twitches will surely wake you up abt 5 mins before the alarm goes off, and you can meet the world fresh with that wild caffeine od glare in your eyes.

doing the same with a double/triple espresso prior a shopping run, will also provide you with a neat new rhythm to walk to, as your poor lil heart will be pounding like a pre-teen school kid on speed.)

wolfy - kitty - slut - sneaky?

man, that cat is getting so fat. i reckon he's tricking us into double feeding him 3 times a day.

every time i walk into the kitchen, he's sitting next to the food bowl doing the usual "i've starving and i havent even seen food for weeks!" act and yesterday i noticed him doing the same to sunshine. and sure as hell he fed the cat just as i had fed him half an hour before.

i reckon i'll name the kitty sneaky from now on. for he is and he does. sneak that is.

Monday, May 16, 2005

monday's episode of:

"You Know You're Fucked When... find the cockroaches in your house using the cockroach traps as safe havens."

monday whinging

today, i'm buggered.

thoroughly happy and satisfied, but as tired and energy-less as the average poofter during the post mardi gras pill crash. i seriously haven't done anything to deserve this, especially since i only boozed one night this weekend. that's practically saint-like of me!

mind you, i would feel like a game of pool. i reckon i don't suck quite as badly anymore. yes yes, i know, it doesn't really mean much, but it's at least some sort of improvement. even if i might not sink a ball, i at least hit the white one. well, most of the time anyway.


i'm reading dean koontz's the taking atm, and i can't make up my mind abt it.

at times it's really captivating and intense and i enjoy reading it. but then, right when i'm starting to like the book, it throws some utter wankiness at me and shakes off any feeling of pleasure that might have existed a second earlier.


i think i'll wait for sunshine to come home and heat up some uber-yummy makaroonilaatikko for dindin. yumyumyum.

which reminds me, you potential finn bunnies reading my rants, eat some karjalanpiirakka, punajuurisalaatti and porkkanalaatikko for me, will ya? oh, and finish it off with hylamansikkapuffetti... [insert here lots and lots of droolage]

still funny

i've seen this many times over the years but it's still funny. [via]

why does this one remind me of blogger?

"having been erased,
the document you're seeking
must now be retyped."

sometimes life is just as good as that first cup of coffee in the morning

in short: i had a fucken fantastic weekend.
sunshine has been the bestest bf lately. and i, i am a very happy lil gf. practically the entire weekend was just quality time spent together.
friday was just a low key good night with courthouse dindin, a couple of games of pool and the usual shit.
on saturday we cleaned the entire kitchen. threw out enough shit to fill 8 big arse wheelie bins. heh. poor neighbours. then we continued with drinkies night out and matty gave me a few really good pointers in pool. now i kick arse. well, at least i kicked sunshine's arse. and oh how he shall hear abt it...
sunday was all quality time with sunshine as we watched movies and cooked a big bowl of real traditional finnish lihamakaroonilaatikko. it was the first time i ate it for 10 years! and man it was yummy. [insert here satisfied tummy rubbin] sunshine was pretty damn impressed too. such a good lil helper he is in the kitchen.
seriously, i reckon i'll hang on to this gorgeous lil thing i've found. he's quite the wonderful boyfriend.
you know what bunnies? today, i'm a happy lil girl. very happy.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

hello again bunnies

sorry about the recent radio silence, but i've been rather busy for the past couple of days.

on thursday i had an excellent piss-up... er, i mean... i saw an excellent art exhibition opening at artspace. david haynes and joyce hinterding both teach at my school and they are showing their work purple rain in artspace atm.

i had seen images and video clips of the work before but seeing it irl was quite different. the space was really well set up and the sound just absolutely made the work. the sound was something you felt rather than heard and combined with the video work it really worked. i was impressed.

the olek kulik work was kinda interesting too... nothing like dolling up art-wanky-wise, prancing around with a glass of white wine in a gallery, while perving on a wall size screen showing really fucked up nudity/porn shit. tho i have to admit that i didn't really get that much out of it past the giggle/perv aspect. still, you just gotta luv art...

besides, i just love the fact that in these exhibition openings there are my best uni mates and my lecturers, all pissing up side by side and just having a great time.


on friday i did a crazy day at work...

there is an aboriginal arts auction coming up, so i had to do all the authenticity certificates to go with the works. 450 of them to be exact. did a lot of copy/paste and insert image yesterday. like a LOT. in fact, i think my poor fingers are still cramping a bit.

got them all done, just to hear that it was supposed to be two days of work. they were really impressed that i did the whole lot in one. which naturally was really fucken stupid of me, since i'm paid by the hour. heh. stoopid scandinavian efficiency...

anyway bunnies, time to whip up a near perfection soy flat white to open my eyes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

good morning sunshine!

fuck me its starting to get cold in here. mornings are so friggen chilly that i'm wearing my oh so delightfully ugly bright orange flannel pajamas, sitting in front of a heater blasting on full power and wrapping myself around a hot cup of coffee.

it's incredible how much nicer it is to start a day by whipping up a near perfection deliciously frothy home made soy flat white, instead of the usual instant gunk in a mug.

sunshine and tim got matty a *real* kick arse coffee maker for his bday and it's taking my caffeine addiction to a whole new level. so yummy and refreshing... my precious... [insert here mad giggles, twitching, shaky hands and wild kitty eyes due to constant caffeine overdose]

yesterday we watched the lady from shanghai by orson welles in film studies. it was not the most painless movie i have seen. good unintended giggles here and there, but does not justify suffering he entire length of the movie. when it comes to welles, i'll stick with citizen kane, thank you very much.

oh, that reminds me: my new video work is available online in my portfolio. email/comment if you are interested.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

scary boredom

heh. one day this getting bored so easily shit will be the end of me...

i was on my way home from uni and i got the shits in the train. when i got to the newtown station, i marched straight into the tony&guy on king st and got rid of my hair. now it's very short, very dark and very asymmetrical. finally i feel like myself again.

fuck that long hair bs. it's just not me.

Monday, May 09, 2005

collaboration preview

"double penetration" (working title) - a.k.a. image no1
from "observations of fusing emotions
through the method of masochistic meditation"

Sunday, May 08, 2005

warning: drunken blog entry

drunk. d-r-u-n-k. me. i am. teeheeheee. luvs it too.

oh, mr. jameson, the love of my life. without you my poor feet would be throbbing with unbearable pain, due to my new and lovely pair of "snowhite" shoes.

oh so pretty and oh so painful. but hell, who ever heard of a comfortable pair of shoes anyway??? meh. that shit just doesn't work.

you know what bunnies? i reckon i'll skull down this cup of chamomile and vanilla tea and crash in. i reckon i need to sleep my poor lil head sober. don't really want to... but for some reason i have a feeling that i should.

good night anyway. actually, bloody excellent night. i SO needed this.

Friday, May 06, 2005

fin: asia sarjis

olen hihitellyt aamukahveeni vaaraan kurkkuun tan haihatussarjiksen kanssa jo useampaan otteeseen. suosittelen lampimasti.

enjoying australia - part 3

heh. yesterday's spider encounter reminded me of another spider related story...
in the beginning of the summer, we had this big spider in the back yard. it always made his web in the same spot and he sort of became a house pet. we named him billy-bob.

there he was, our billy-bob: all big and ugly weaving his big arse web in the middle of the walkway in the backyard every night. and every day someone would forget that the web was there, walk into it and nearly shit him/herself.

well, then one day, billy-bob was gone.

next night a new spider appeared. ten times bigger and uglier and with a big motherfucker of a web. we assumed that the new spider ate our poor billy-bob, so naturally we named her angelina.

angelina still owns the backyard and weaves her big arse web out every night after sunset and takes it down before sunrise.

and yes, angelina is twice as big as yesterday's encounter, but at least she doesn't come inside the house.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

enjoying australia - part 2

once again, one of these lovely lil creatures freaked the shit out of me.

i was stumbling into the kitchen, still half asleep with my morning cup of coffee in mind, and there is was. yet another huntsman, this one friggen big tho, prolly the biggest (and quickest as we found out when we tried to get it out of the house) that i've seen so far.
almost felt sorry for it tho, it had a really funny walk due to it's lost of leg. i think we should have named it legless. so that it would have had a lil more of a personality. now it was just the usual "HOLYFUCKENSHIT! GET THAT THING OUT OF MY KITCHEN!"

poor spidey, hated and legless. oh well, should have stayed out of my kitchen in the first place.

[related blog entry: enjoying australia]

round 1: tp 1 - 0 bug

alright, i'm doing a bit better, which is fucken fantastic. i reckon the fever is gone, so i should be on my way to get healthy again.

yay for that pile of drugs i shoveled into me yesterday!

heavy shit

i was suprised to read the latest entry from milla (linked blog entry in finnish), cause it was kinda funny and actually made me think. imagine that.

oh, would i have a list of letter's to hell to write!
  • the boy next door - who i had a fight with when i was 7yrs old and who broke my front teeth. i would love to let him know all the pain i've gone through having them fixed every few yrs after that. specially since a new fix is abt to come up soon again. not even mentioning the $$$
  • ...
hang on. that's it. i'm not angry abt anything else in my past. that's a bit of a suprise. i thought i was.

i've been really angry at a lot of people and abt a lot of stuff, but it only lasts for a lil while. all that bs was required to get to where i am now. and i have no doubt that the bs i'm going through today is taking me to some new interesting situations. eventually.

mind you, i would love to be bs free for just a lil while. you know, just be happy and content and shit. but lately i've started to doubt if i'm capable of doing that at all; if i know how to be happy in the first place. being happy is a sort of a static situation, and anything still seems to make me extremely restless.

to be honest, i'm terrified of stopping. i fear that if i stand still, the rest of the world runs past me. static is the opposite of movement; the opposite of change. and change is required to learn, to grow, to become something new and better. happiness seems to be a state of compromise; a state of not knowing better. desiring something more is misery. and more often than not, i feel quite miserable.

in relationships, i seem to get restless quicker and quicker every round. it's honestly not that i'd want someone else. cause i don't. it takes a long time for me to get interested in someone and when i do it also lasts for a while. it's just that i expect a lot from the person that i'm with. well, not that lot to be honest. not at least if you ask me. i expect equal respect, equal effort and straight open honesty. ooh, better not forget an abundance of rootage too. i don't think it's so much to ask?

maybe i just need the bs rollercoaster all the time. who knows. shit. that got a bit heavy, didn't it?

what i do know, bunnies, is that i need another cup of coffee. wanna join me?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

and i thought yesterday was bad


i've been sneezing and blowing my nose non-stop since last night and i swear bunnies, all of that just can't be snot. i fear that somewhere between 0400-0500am i started blowing out my brains and i really can't afford to lose any more of that precious grey matter.

i have to admit, that i suck at being sick. i'm incapable of "taking it like a man" and dealing with it without any drugs. fuck that. i'll eat any possible flu pill/finrexin/lemsip/you name it i can get my hands on.

i'll pump myself so full of drugs that if it doesn't kill the bug, it'll kill me. either way, i should be feeling better in no time.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

i have pms. be afraid. be very afraid.

man. lack of sleep, pms and getting sick sure don't make a good combination.

my throat was killing me this morning. it felt like i had been spending the entire night deepthroating sandpaper. not pleasant bunnies, not at all.

Monday, May 02, 2005


without going into details, let's just say that i've had the most fucked up weekend of my entire life, and leave it at that.
i hope i will never, ever have to go through anything even remotedly as draining.