Saturday, October 23, 2004

enjoying australia

this lil beauty was catched by lynne from the nextdoor unit. it was one fucken big redback (the same spider is called black widow elsewhere) and i believe it's ranked as one of the most poisonous spiders in the world. yay for sydney.

i encountered this BIG huntsman in our bathroom a lil while ago. i can think of a long list of shit i'd rather see when i walk into the dunny... the picture on the right should give you some idea on the size of it. of course the hand is closer to the camera, but the leg span on that mofo would have been something around 12cm. way too much if you ask me. now these ones are not that dangerous... i mean, the bite hurts like hell and makes you sick as shit but you won't die from it. or at least you shouldn't.

oh well, at least i haven't found one of these in my room yet... tho i did see one just outside our unit last year. freaked the shit out of me!

here's a listing of the few other adorable creatures you can encounter in this great land down under.

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