Thursday, October 28, 2004

yay for me!

asian cinema essay - done!
such a good girl i am. i think i'll go and reward myself with a fresh cup of coffee on the front porch now. i still have my printmaking assessment in the arvo, but that's something fun specially since we got the books done on monday.
that reminds me, some people amaze me (and scare the shit out of me too). my printmaking teacher was preggers big time and the baby was due on friday couple of weeks ago. i showed up in the printmaking rooms on the monday after that friday and the first thing i see is her with the massive overdue tummy, working with her prints like normally. and when i went over to ask what the fuck she was still doing at uni, she just said "i get bored at home. i have to do something... besides, if my water breaks, i'll just drive home." right.
well, she had a baby boy this monday and is coming back to work today like nothing happened.

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