Monday, October 18, 2004

monday morning tunes

it's still on: moloko - the time is now
"i give all i have
but it's not enough
and my patience is shot
so i'm calling your bluff"
but i think i'll throw in arab strap - phone me tomorrow next
"phone me tonight when you're pissed.
just to tell me that i'm missed.
tell me you want me in your cunt.
then tell me you're not sure what you want.
i tried to tell you, i thought i made it clear.
i think you make me not want you here.
phone me tomorrow when you're sober.
just to remind me that it's over.
and that i'm not needed there in your bed.
and of all the things that i apparently never said.
i tried to tell you, i tried to say.
i never wanted it to end that way."

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