Thursday, October 21, 2004

flashbacks from friday's ball - part 4

ok, i just have to tell you this shit.
i guess life on campus is pretty fucked up, but you sort of get used to it and after a while you don't really notice the oddities or wierd shit that much. adaptation is a very handy skill.
like when you have a pile of mysterious something on the kitchen floor, any normal person would either [a] clean it up or [b] whinge abt it. an on campus person just makes sure s/he doesn't step on it.
and any normal person would freak out finding a stranger sleeping on the living room floor on a friday morning. an on campus person just steps over the poor fucker and wonders if s/he missed something good after passing out last night.
and one thing you will surely learn while living on campus, is to always lock your bedroom door when you go to bed, specially if you're not alone.
but i bet that sleeping nekkid, next to a pathological blanket hog and waking up to a bunch of smashed uni students storming into the room and jumping on you, must be the quickest and most effective crash course you can get on this subject. poor mr. pinstripe.
oh well, at least they didn't have cameras with them this time.

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