Friday, September 30, 2005

update on Milking The Cow

Milking The Cow 2005 - single screen printed and scanned frame for the video

i finished screen printing the first third of frames for my Milking The Cow video. so it's all happening. right now i'm doing my best *cough* to get my essay abstract and annotated bibliography done before i head up to newcastle tomorrow.


life other than uni? well. once again, i am intriqued. this time it's something very refreshing and quite different from my previous adventures. i might elaborate on that more later on. but for now, let's just keep it at that.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

stories from the office

see, there's this wonderful guy that i work with. he's the most flaming gay i know but at the same time he's the most concervative person i have ever met. a delicious combination i can tell you. he's like a one man's travelling entertainment show.

well. today, he was telling a story abt a recent date of his that didn't quite go all rosy. apparently his unfortunate date was not that well equipped...
"you see darling, it was when he dropped those pants that i just knew it was not going to work. you know how it is, three inches just doesn't do the trick. well, i didn't want to be mean, but i had to say something. so i said: sweetheart. i'm fat. look at my arse. you're going to need more than that to get past the grand canyon..."
i nearly fell off my chair. funny as fuck this guy. funny as fuck. now i'm going to think of him every time i hear the grand canyon mentioned. heh.

Monday, September 26, 2005

insane times ahead - 1 down 9 to go

grah. had a very long and labour heavy day at uni. and it's not going to get any easier before wednesday next week. in-fucken-sane.

printing of the 'milking the cow' frames is well on it's way. thank fucken gawd. i've finished printing c channel, did 1/3 of the m channel already and should do the rest of the second colour tomorrow. that leaves y channel for next week. that's all sweet as fuck. not really stressing over that.

we set up a small group exhibition with pg and muscles at the yz gallery today. man, i love seeing my babies on the wall where other ppl can finally see them too. that's all sweet and under control too. no stress there.

busy days at work ahead. but that's still no need to stress. they just eat the hrs out of the week. no other reason to worry.


there are two fucken major clowds above my head and they are only getting thicker by the day. i'm just waiting for them to evolve into a bloody hurricane. in short: painful essay and a scary workshop as a 'feature artist'. fuck that. actually, fuck both.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Second Date Angst [tm]

ready bunnies? cause here it comes again. ranting on mindlessly abt something useless.

(and yes, this is procrastination at it's purest form.)

this is a brand new condition/syndrome that i have discovered in myself due to the fact that i have actually started dating. now i know why i haven't done it before: it just doesn't work. the problem is The Second Date Angst[tm] (TSDA).

you know how it is, when you meet an intriquing new person who tickles your fancy and makes you laugh. they demand to take you out for a date.

first date - it's all good
be it picnic in the park, dinner out or just the usual few drinkies in a nice venue, the first date is usually great. they are funny, flirty, interesting and there is that tickling tension between every single line said. they are ballsy, cocky and arrogant. at this stage they are on top of the game. they are the alpha male and you are the lil piece of meat that they have decided to have for dinner. they provide you with a challenge. its all good.

after the first date you hopefully get swept off your feet by a mindblowing first kiss. after which you wobble home on tipsy high heels grinning like an idiot thinking: 'wow. what a catch!'

after the first date they continue courting you, showering you with compliments and ask you out again. typically you meet the guy again a week later.

second date - anxiety kicks in
it's time for the second date and the tables have turned. the cocky arrogant fuckwit is offering his balls on a silver platter. the edgy humour is suddenly toned down, cause they don't want to offend you. they have decided that they want you and they don't want to risk the catch. suddenly there is no challenge. suddenly it all turns boring. suddenly, it's time to go home.

especially if they do the fucken 'you are so beautiful that you prolly have dozens of men like me just queuing behind your door. why would you want someone like me...' fuck that. i mean, wtf is it with that line? do guys really think it's a good idea? i mean, they must realise that instead of making the chick go 'aaawwww, isn't that sweet. no of course not hunny, there's no one else in the world i want but you!' the result is more along the lines of 'hang on... you DO have a point there...'

even if everything else goes great, the spark is flushed down the toilet of the dating world for good. i mean, i know i am going to get the balls in the end, why can't the guy at least pretend that he'll provide a worthy challenge? if i wanted a lapdog, i'd buy one from the pet store.

truth in nationality stereotypes?

maybe there is a seed of truth in the nationality stereotypes. i guess i really am a scandinavian ice princess and when put in the same room with a hot blooded male i go aloof. but instead of having the balls to slowly melt me bit by bit with steady warmth, they go and crank up the heat and there i go bolting again.

you know, it's like that frog in the boiling water thingy. you need to be sneaky.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

stirring some shit

went to get my hair cut today. the hairdresser chick was fucken useless.
[abt half way through the cut at this point]

she: 'ummm... i think the other side of your hair is a bit longer than the other. i need to cut more from this side to make it even...'

'yes. there is a barely noticeable TEN-FRIGGEN-CM difference! (what are you, fucken blind?)'

'ummm... really?'

'that's the whole (friggen) idea of the cut (you dumbarse). i think it's time to put those scissors down (before you find them sticking out of the side of your friggen throat!)'
i was gladly able to swallow the bits in brackets. wasn't easy. i told her to fuck off, came home and cut my own hair using a razor. now it's cool as fuck. very asymmetrical, very messy and very, VERY rok.


heh. tell you another funny story. i have done such a good job stirring shit up lately.
[sitting in the bar with a bunch of my best uni mates including pg, muscles and the mexican. we're few drinkies in and everyone's feelin nicely loud and offensive already. after hearing that muscles can't accompany me to the mca opening that same night, i start typing a sms with a grin on my face.]

pg: 'heh. the frenchman?'

'oh, nono. mr. pinstripe'

[cracks up] ' hah! nice work juggling all of them!'

me: 'oh you know me... i have a reputation to keep up!'

[i continue sending the sms and a lil later muscles and the mexican get up to catch a class]

me: 'see dear, you're such a sucky date! you're never there when i need you!'

'yeh well, you know me, i'm a busy man'

[the mexican comes over to kiss my cheeks goodbye]

'sweety, i'd kiss you too but you know... better not... *wink*'

[the mexican and muscles walk off as i turn back to the table still giggling as i notice the nin boy sitting in the next table staring at me with a devastated look on his face. i naturally choke on my wine while i crack up uncontrollably]

'well... SO LONG!' [i flash a grin, wave and bolt while laughing my arse off]
what makes this convo so very tragic is that the nin boy would have been very keen on hooking up after the second date. whereas i went through the notorious '2nd date freakout/turnoff' (i'll blog abt this shit later on).

i told him that i was not comfy with the idea of dating someone from the school, cause you know... 'you just don't screw the crew'[full stop]. muscles of course is not only from the same school but from my friggen class.

of course the nin boy would have misunderstood our lil bubbly and flirty humour entirely and prolly thinks of me as a real ghengis khunt now. fantastic.

heh. i dun think i'll have any more trouble with him.


i'm sorry abt the radio silence bunnies.

i haven't felt comfortable blogging lately. some ppl still too closely involved seem to read my blog occasionally. yes, you three legged battleslug, in case you're reading this, it definitely means you. not entirely comfortable with that idea.

as i said before, you should never ask questions you don't want to hear the answers to.


i've met someone. someone who treats me like a princess, showers me with compliments and makes me feel like a goddess. which is lovely.

that's all it is at the moment. it might turn into something. let's see. a bit too cynical to expect anything earth shattering but you know me. i always am.

everything is good as long as i don't hear the little door behind me close. cause as soon as it does, there i go bolting again.


at the moment however, i should be concentrating on my essay abstract which is due only too soon. this uni/work thing is starting to get pretty bloody hectic.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


heh. funny shit. i published a work of mine online yesterday. someone emailed me abt it. here's a quick translation of the email:
"your latest exhibition doesn't live up to the beauty and moral standards of a national socialist nation. i would recommend you to question your current western pro-individual materialistic values and look into a cause that i myself follow to provide your life with a meaning."
teeheehee. sure buddy. you're a cracker. and a nut. or maybe - maybe just a nut.

my beach

i was talking abt beaches with a friend of mine. he had his own. which was very perty. but nothing can compare to mine. my own lil paradise on earth.

i had forgotten all abt it. it seems like it was ages ago, even though it's been only four years. sailing in the caribbean. now there's one thing that i want to do again one day. i do miss my paradise. and the pina coladas.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

running in martini stilettos

i got absolutely off my fucken tits on uber-wanky cocktails last night. i was taken for a fancy lounge crawl around the area. it was fantastic. and good for a 'spot the fake tits' contest too. great fun. plenty of pointing and laughing i tell you.

quite the gentleman this frenchman. me being the typical scandinavian independent bitch made him sigh 'sweetheart, you cannot do that. if my mother would see, she would cry!' abt a dozen times last night. heh. good value entertainment-wise. quite fucked up and insane as well. which is always a bonus.

oh, and i have a new fav drink: 'stiletto martini'. incredible. liquid sex.


and such a good lil girl i am. instead of sleeping in and suffering a hangover, i got up early, went for a run and now i feel like i could conquer the world.

or well... at least cook lunch. yes. let's go with that.

Friday, September 16, 2005

here i go again

...this boredom shit shall be the end of me.

dating is fun. even tho i really shouldn't be getting myself into more trouble at this point. i'm fucked up enough as it is. heh. oh well, like that's going to stop me.

half-french arty-farty white wine lover. so far so good. i'll tell the awful truth when i get back.

note to self: i have got to stop doing this.


wow. no awful truth to report. no horror stories to tell. i had a fucken fantastic time. a fantastic first date.

never trust online dating services

hah. man, am i fucked.

online dating. you know the shit. i've done the rant a couple of times already so not going into it now. just going to say that slamming down lil online-romeo-wanna-bes is a good remedy for boredom.

well, the funny shit is that half of the ppl i know from syd seem to have their profiles on the same service. it would be so much fun mocking them for it, but you see the problem is that i'm on it too. heh. doesn't quite work.

anyway, was curious enough to check my best matches in syd. according to the bloody thing, my best match is sunshine. heh.

first he moves into my house, drinks my goon and locks me into the backyard. after i move out of the house the fuckwit shows up in the picture again, dolls up in pinstripe and now he's my best friggen match.

bloody fucken hell. so much for trusting the internet. back to sniffing hotties irl.

friday rok

sigh. there went my mid-semester break. that's the way it always goes. on monday i'm all ecstatic that i have a whole free week ahead of me. then i blink. and it's friday.

heh. yesterday i was running around the building all day at work. busy as fuck. then i finally had the chance to sit still for a sec in the arvo. as i'm checking my emails, my boss (who i share an office with) starts jumping up and down all excited.
she: "come on! it's nearly that time isn't it? it's time to drink! yay! would you like me to get white or red this time?"
"ummmm... woman. what are you on? it's THURSDAY."
"FUCK. i knew it was too good to be true."
then she was all cranky for the rest of the arvo. funny shit.


ooh, almost forgot: i went to see charlie and the chocolate factory this week. fucken fantastic i tell you! tim burton still has got it for sure and johnny depp is just so incredibly funny. i was pissing myself laughing from the beginning to the end. strongly recommended. go and watch it bunnies.

"everything in this room is *eat*able. even i'm *eat*able. but that is called cannibalism, my dear children, and is in fact frowned upon in most societies." - willy wonka

the next must see opens tonight: wallace & gromit: the curse of the were-rabbit. it is going to be sooooo good.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

robbed in bright daylight


i was walking back to work, after a rather nice 'business' lunch with a shit hot corporate whore covered in pinstripe [insert here lots of droolage], i got assaulted. in the middle of the day, along the busiest plaza in sydney and no one did a thing to help me. no one.

he spotted me from afar. approached me with a smile and stopped me even tho i tried to hurry past without talking to him. the eyes.

he started with the usual chit chat and as he got to the money bit i tried to do the usual comeback: "listen sweetheart, i'm one half soulless corp whore and the other half penniless art student. neither one will help you..." but he had the smile. and the charm. and i was fucked.

along with the joy of watching my bank account get robbed every month, i got a rubber bracelet for it. 'make poverty history' it says. does that mean exterminating the poor ppl?

heh. it did make me feel a lil bit better when i heard that the same 'boy with the pretty eyes' had scored half of the office.

note to self: fuck me i'm stupid.


it’ll get worse before | it’ll get better | but it will get better | you’ve got to look on the | bright side | the same rules apply for me and you | as for anyone ever going through | there’s no forsaking | this heart’s for breaking | all there for the taking | it’s love in the making | noon according to the sundial | time has cast a shadow | i’ve yet to discover | what’s making me tick || roisin murphy - love in the making

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

it's a new day

it's a beautiful morning and the coffee tastes sweeter than yesterday morning. quite excited really. i'm grinning and no doubt looking like an idiot.

sow into | into you | i’ll bring you | into this earth | has sorely missed the kiss of rain | and i think it’s here to stay | sow into | though i’m bound to get carried away | i’ll bring you | but i think it’s | here to stay | though i’m bound to get carried away || roisin murphy - sow into you

Monday, September 12, 2005

ooh acknowledged

heh. quite funny really.

"just wanted to (let) you to know that we have acknowledged your headline writing creativity in making our "best of" list for this topic."

independent sources >> blog archives >> best headlines for email cat spat

Sunday, September 11, 2005

i heart sydney

ok bunnies, i can't help it. even tho i'm fully aware of the fact that i'm prolly repeating myself to the point of boredom, i have to say it: this city is just the most amazing place on this planet(*).

i just can't get enough of it. there's something truly magical about sydney.

i did a jog along the waterline around the botanical gardens all the way to the opera house and back. amazingly beautiful day, the park filled with happy people enjoying a perfect lazy sunday. and there i was, gasping my breath and waiting for my pulse to calm down enough to be able to head back, while admiring one of the biggest landmarks in the world.

i jogged all the way back smiling and enjoying the endorphin high mixing with the euphoria of the present moment. once again, i am happy.

(* naturally limited within the places that i have actually experienced so far)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

spastic kitty gone byebye

confusion can be surprisingly entertaining.

i'm starting to think that the slapstick comedy also known as my social life is all the result of my fear of boredom. i'm taking it as far as fucking up my own mind with it. and loving it too.

curiosity killed the cat. you'd think that the furry lil thing would learn from burning her paws for the first time. but no. what if the spastic pussy is drawn to the same fate over and over again. oh well, i guess she's got 9 goes. then it's kitty gone byebye. "pfffffft!"

superman had his cryptonite. weak fuck. see, pinstripe is a real weakness. and shoes. and... well. let's not go there. maybe i don't want to admit to that one. not yet anyway.

dear diary | my dear | got to keep it all inside | got to keep it locked behind a | golden wall of silence | you see I have my pride | and i won't be... || roisin murphy - dear diary

"i cannot play with you," the fox said. "i am not tamed."

i still think that chapter 21 from the little prince is the most beautiful piece of literature ever written.

the little prince went away, to look again at the roses. "you are not at all like my rose," he said. "as yet you are nothing. no one has tamed you, and you have tamed no one. you are like my fox when i first knew him. he was only a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. but i have made him my friend, and now he is unique in all the world." and the roses were very much embarrassed. "you are beautiful, but you are empty," he went on. "one could not die for you. to be sure, an ordinary passerby would think that my rose looked just like you, the rose that belongs to me. but in herself alone she is more important than all the hundreds of you other roses: because it is she that i have watered; because it is she that i have put under the glass globe; because it is she that i have sheltered behind the screen; because it is for her that i have killed the caterpillars (except the two or three that we saved to become butterflies); because it is she that i have listened to, when she grumbled, or boasted, or even sometimes when she said nothing. because she is my rose.

the skillful craft of email disgrace

"the great pioneer of the email disgrace was london lawyer brad chait. at 3.53pm on december 7 in 2000 his girlfriend, claire swire, sent him a smutty joke via email. a slightly salacious exchange continued until swire fatefully referred to her enjoyment of oral sex with her partner. rather than gallantly accepting the compliment chait forwarded the message to some mates. the email spread around the world and two days later swire was in hiding from the english tabloids. she dumped chait."

"richard phillips, a senior associate at the london law firm baker & mckenzie, had his career wrecked just before morning tea on june 3 this year. at 10.25am his secretary, jenny amner, replied by email to an email he had sent demanding she pay him £4 ($9.5) for dry-cleaning after she spilled sauce on his trousers.

"with reference to the email below," she wrote, "i must apologise for not getting back to you straight away but due to my mother's sudden illness, death and funeral i have had more pressing issues than your 4 pounds."

amner hit "reply to all" and within hours the message was the talk of the town."

"this week allens arthur robinson secretaries melinda bird and katrina nugent found themselves at the centre of attention, and sacked, but not because they brawled via email over a ham and cheese sandwich. their demise came about because desk jockeys at the firm and a number of other companies got their hands on the exchange and could not resist sending it on."

Friday, September 09, 2005

[insert drooling here]

wanna. wannawannawanna!

a catty secretary sandwich anyone?

heh. the original email was forwarded to me yesterday. then i read abt it on every major national news service. this shit is gold bunnies:

entire conversation staff sacked after email fight

my personal fav would definitely be the "Let's not get person [sic] Miss Can't Keep A Boyfriend." line. must remember that one.

but hey, have no fear. the sandwich has been found.


i'm starting to think that maybe i should consider losing a lil bit of my balls. you know, just to blend in with the skirts a bit better.

the reason i'm worried is that within the past week or so, i've gotten shitty at three ppl and been forced to pull out the line "[inserts full name here], you can suck my non-existing cock!" and in all three occasions the reply has been "oh, it exists alright!"

well, maybe i'll just transfer that lil bit from my pants to my hair. i bought tigi's cocky hair stuff yesterday. smelled so nice i couldn't leave it there. had to get it.

besides... i luveded the name.

--update: tried the stuff out and it's absolutely fan-tas-tic. happily recommend it to anyone who wants a mad cocky hair full of itself. and as all tigi shit, it smells like candy. i like candy.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

good times

man. pinstripe just does it. like, REALLY does it.

a pinstripe suit, sexy stubble and arsehole sunnies must be the hottest combo there is. specially after loosening up the tie a bit and rolling up the sleeves to reveal tattoos and hot as fuck arms. un-fucken-believable.

i think my pinstripe fetish has leaked out. it was not mr. pinstripe wearing it this time. the fuckwits are taking advantage of my weakness.

alright bunnies, which one of you told them?


went to a big exhibition opening yesterday. most of the art was boring. few really good works tho. but the place was so packed that it took 20 mins to get a glass of wine. the fact that it was free was hardly worth the wait. so we fucked off.

did a bit of a bar hopping and ended up enjoying a warm spring night at cohibar emptying the already trademark daiquiri jugs. fantastic.


had my presentation today and i think i did pretty well. fucken ecstatic abt the fact that its done and i have next week off uni! sweet as fuck!


just came home from yet another gallery opening night. *everyone* was there. i was just way too tired to piss it up tonight. too much stressing and not enough sleep makes tp a crappy wanna-be-artist.

oh well, i'll put up a better fight next time.

Monday, September 05, 2005

jamiroquai here i come ! ! !

and tickets i scored! fucken fantastic!

now all you aussie bunnies with visa credit cards: surf to visa entertainment to score your tickets on pre-sale before they hit the official sale.

pre-sale is on from today to sunday 11th september and the official sale starts on friday 16th september.

mineday starts with a delicious coffee

update: added a new pic to the biker doggies


you know what bunnies? i actually like mondays.

i have arranged my monday's off from work and uni. i need a day when i can just dedicate the entire day on what ever it is that i'm working on currently. usually uni work that is.

i think i'll rename the day. from now on, my week starts with a mineday.


the jamiroquai tickets come on pre-sale at midday. i'll be cranking this lousy old modem of mine for all it's worth then. i need those tickets and i need em bad.


still one day left to prepare my tutorial presentation for wednesday.

i've spent the entire weekend on it. i have not left the books/computer since friday night. from the moment i wake up to the moment i fall asleep exhausted, it's been all bloody deleuze's rants. i think my poor brain is starting to overload.

wednesday's presentation will be fucked anyway. there's a fantastic exhibition opening on tuesday. THE opening in the sydney arts field. best drinks, wankiest ppl and hardest to get invites to. due to a chain of incredible strokes of luck, i've got invites and oh boy will i piss up.

and oh boy will i regret it on wed morning 5am when my alarm goes off.

what makes it really fucked up tho, is that i'll be pissing up with the teacher that i'm making the presentation for. heh. i already told him that i scored invites and that i'll be hungover as fuck on wednesday. he promised to go easy on me. he agreed that my reason was very valid. he's the one who's been ranting on abt these particular invites for ages.


bunnies, life is just so fucken good.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

cultural eye

kalervo palsa - cultural eye (kulttuurisilmä) 1977
heh. good ole palsa. i think he was definitely on to something with this one. i'm preparing a tutorial presentation on deleuze's rants and how framing creates the perception-image. i reckon i'll start the powerpoint slideshow with this image.

sunday chicks melt in rain

i know we need it. but bunnies, sydney and rain just don't go together.

i think i will sit indoors hugging the radiator, with my blinds closed and music so loud that it hides the sound of the rain. not that i really have a choise tho. i have to finish my tutorial presentation today. not fun, not fun at all.


oh, almost forgot to tell you. i mentioned that i went to the exhibition opening on wednesday. after seeing all the works, i was standing outside the gallery with my mates minding my own business and enjoying the free white wine. suddenly i see the friggen maiden of finland walk past me! once again i choke on my wine.

she was in her mid twenties, she had long blond wig, blue eyes and she was wearing a white dress with the blue cross sewn on it. it was so clear that i couldn't miss it.

to any of you finnish bunnies out there, you'd know exactly what i'm talking abt. for you non-finns, here's a quick explanation:
"the maiden of finland is the personification of finland, much as marianne in france, deutscher michel in germany and uncle sam for the united states.

she is a young woman in her mid-twenties with often braided blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing a blue and white national costume or a white dress

as a symbol, the finnish maiden has been used since the 18th century when she was pictured as a a woman wearing a turreted crown, and then developing as finland gained a national consciousness, and independence."

i can't tell you how freaky it was to see my own national symbol walk past me in a bloody exhibition opening on the wrong side of the planet!

well, at that point enough wine glasses had past my hand so i stormed right after her to ask what the fuck was going on.

i found out that she was half finnish and had just been to finland for the first time in june-july. apparently she was on a quest to explore her own identity as an australian finnish artist. i also found out that she goes to my uni. we made a coffee date for tuesday. which should be fun. maybe there's a work to be made.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

i have a confession to make - again

my dear mum is a bit of a freak.

heh. in a positive way tho. but yeh, she's not the regular muffin baking mum. why?

see, my parents are bikers. but they are also dog owners. and well, my mum's genious idea was to combine the two: they taught the dogs to ride on their bikes *deep sigh*

well, i've just got to show these pics to you bunnies. mum emailed them to me yesterday. they are every bit as cute as they are freaky.

mum with the jack russell puppy (where's the helmet???)

my step father with the parson russell

notice the tailor made design helmet

matching helmets and biker outfits

you should see ppl's faces when they go out for a ride. pure gold. i've seen ppl nearly drive off the road after staring at them. and everyone pisses themselves once they see the parson russell with the design helmet my mum made for her. heh.

so yeh, for you bunnies around tampere. don't be too freaked if they stop next to you in the traffic lights. they are quite harmless. really.

yesterday was good fun

we had a company piss-up at hemisphere and everyone was there. it was a good night out, xcept that i was so tired that i ended up leaving home around 10pm. i was fungry and needed the sleep badly. oh well, i promise i'll put up a better fight next time.

funny night tho. my ex-lecturer/ex-boss, who's go away party last night was, came up with pretty funny shit. once again. she's v. good value entertainment-wise. here's few of the highlights:
[we're sitting at the same table with the big boss]
she: "tp, as your lecturer, i demand you to dance on that table or i'll fail you!"
me: [choke on my wine] "ha! this is your go away party, where as i have to work with these ppl next week. no way in hell i'm going to listen to you, woman!"
she: "go on! i order you! stripping will get you extra points!"

[new guys from work that i haven't met before walk in]
she: "have you guys met? this is tp. she likes porn!"
me: [choke on my wine] "ummm... hi guys."

[a guy joins our table]
she: "hang on... l, you don't have a girlfriend, do you?"
he: "ummm... no?"
she: "well, tp here doesn't have a boyfriend either. she wants to fuck you."
me: [choke on my wine]
he: "excuse me...?"
heh. at least it never gets boring around her. i will sure miss her in the office.

were doing a road trip to canberra next weekend with her and her husband. should be great fun and i dare say i will be choking on my wine again. heh.

jk is god

fan-fucken-tastic! jamiroquai is doing a gig in sydney in early december. to make things even sweeter, there's a pre-sale for visa card holders. i knew i luveded my card for a reason. my precious.

jamiroquai - too young to die
"can you decide | are you mesmerised | do you know which side you're standing? | cos when it falls gonna take us all | gotta know what we're demanding | i never lie | can't your hear the cry | coming from on high | WE'RE TOO YOUNG TO DIE!"

Friday, September 02, 2005

oh glorious friday

heh. i think i am going to like this job. again, it's friday and we're drinking white wine and cranking out good tunes in the office. and better yet, dolling up for a free company piss-up. again. sometimes life just kicks arse. and thank gawd this time someone elses.

funny thing, editing ppls images. i get images that need a lot of work before they can be put on the website. i clean them up and make em all perty and still, every person thinks that *their* pic looks bad, where as everyone else's looks so friggen good. "but... but i look like i have three chins!" "why do i look so fat?" "oh i look so ugly in that pic!" heh. there's only so much a graphic designer can do...

nearly got bitch slapped today. cracked me up:
she: "oh god, i hate that picture! i look so ugly in it!"
me: "dude, every-fucken-one says the same about their own pic."
she: "yeh but... why didn't you like photoshop it or something?"
me: "erm... i did..."
she: "B I T C H ! "

now my dear bunnies, i shall doll up, skull down this glass of white wine and to quote a dear friend of mine "rock out with my (non existing) cock out".

Thursday, September 01, 2005

white wine consuming corp whore

exhausted and happy lil chicky. and busy. so very busy. but only in a good way.

i went to a good exhibition opening yesterday at artspace. crowded as fuck tho. they were showing 24 artworks instead of the usual 3-4 so the place was packed. so packed that by 7pm they ran out of glasses and you only got wine by refilling your old glass. heh.

there were few interesting works, but most of it was pretty average. if one thing, it made me feel pretty comfortable abt the idea of submitting my own work next year. i was expecting to feel intimidated and shit. but the effect was quite the opposite. which is good.

today was my first day sitting in my office and at my desk. kinda scary and cool but all too familiar at the same time. the good thing was that since the field is so very familiar, i kicked arse. so well actually, that the big boss called me half way through the day telling me that i was fantastic. heh. can't really complain.

ooh, i heard that jamiroquai is doing a gig in sydney in early december. count me in mofo. me and a kick arse mate i know i won't get fed up with before the gig. the invitation is already sent, better not be too busy luv.