Monday, March 27, 2006

on track?

you know that things are starting to shape up alright when you start to come up with names for the work. a good title is half the work done.

currently i'm working on a series of 3 video works. it will be building on my previous videos, but i've been inspired to introduce a somewhat phenomenological approach to nature as a new element to my practise.
the nature of a-muse 2006
1.0 squirty
2.0 blowhole
2.5 yet to be named

(working titles as this stage)
i will be ranting on more about this as soon as i have something more concrete to tell.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

cyanide and happiness

one of the best online comics i've ever seen. strongly recommended for you delightfully wrong-minded bunnies: cyanide and happiness

other favourites would be chopping block and sinfest (a bit of a hit and miss, but the occasional hit makes up for the misses)

the art of watching (after vermeer) — thorpe's foot, pittman's knee, bradman's house and schwensen's arse.

heh. i was a good girl and went for my 9km run again today. (deviant's away fishing for the weekend so i'm forced to seek alternative solutions to deal with the sexual frustration.)

when i got back there was a message from sunshine on my voicemail: "hey peaches, that crazy lecturer of yours is on telly. he's doing a performance piece watching every second of the commonwealth games in melbourne."

so of course i had to to find out more:

"ready, tv set, go: tony schwensen in front of the portable office at the acca where he will try to watch the full games telecast."

"he says he will be recording the amount of advertising during the broadcasts. "it's great … an elite sports event is used to sell us junk food."

"schwensen says there is a parallel between the preparation involved in artistic practice and the hours of arduous training by athletes. his work has given him a good understanding of both."

"in a performance titled 'is shane warne too fat?' schwensen purchased a cricket kit advertised by the famous spin bowler and practised his bowling skills for days."

"i was getting quite accurate," he says. "but it was just against a set of stumps, so there's nothing in front."
honestly bunnies, this guy is hilarious. he's one of my favourite lecturers as well as one of my favourite artists. absolutely brilliant.

Friday, March 24, 2006

licking curators ass 2005

'by ondrej brody & kristofer paetau within the experimental exhibition format extra features series (1), curated by jan van woensel who invited us to do a surprise intervention in this exhibition / decor / documentary project at the higher institute for fine arts, antwerp, belgium.'

>> read more
>> watch the video

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

weekend retrospective

wow. that was some weekend. three day bender of good times and perty meat.

on thursday special k invited me out for the gin'n tonic night that seems to be becoming somewhat of a tradition. i dragged deviant along with me, since the boy appreciates the good things in life just as i do. (in this case the good thing naturally being free alcohol as you got two free gt drink tokens as you walked into the bar)

phoenix was already there when we arrived while dui and the rest of the crew rocked up a lil while later. the sweet thing was that none of them drank gin. heh. suddenly we had a whole friggen table filled with drinkies and of course we did our best to get through them as well. i can tell you bunnies, it was all good.


on friday deviant invited me over to his mate jesus the carpenter's place for dinner as he was cooking mahi mahi again.

i rocked up around 8pm and all the boys are already off their friggen tits. but i caught up quickly with the yummy white i brought with me. oh so delicious. both food and the chef that is. (nothing's sexier than a guy that can really cook!)


on saturday deviant's lil bro came over to sydney for a couple of days. so naturally the boys are back on the piss by 3pm. i wasn't planning to stay there for the second night, but the lil bro was good value as were the other boys, and it ends up being a very entertaining laid back saturday.

heh. i also appreciated the service very much as deviant jumped me every time jesus and the lil bro went out for another beer run. *sigh* he's such a good boy that one.

at the end of the night as the boys go for the last booze run, only jesus comes back after a few hrs. deviant's lil bro had gone on the prowl for some meat. the bad thing was that he had devian't house keys. we walked through coogee to see if we could spot him but the place was packed so it was impossible.

i managed to break into deviant's house through a tiny ventilation window so it was all good in the end.


on sunday we go to jesus' place at 11:30am and there's no one there. deviant calls the boys only to find out that they're already at the friggen pub! he is quite keen on telling his brother off abt the key issue, so we march there to meet them. eleven-fucken-thirty am and there the boys are already sitting around a bloody jug. hard core i tell you.

we quickly find out that the lil brother's night had been a success. apparently some 35 yo blonde had picked him up from the dance floor and 'had her way with him'. heh. since he's only 21 himself, he was very impressed by the fact that he was taken advantage of.

seeing the lil bro's happy grin made it impossible for deviant to be angry with him. it had clearly been worth the trouble.

deviant cooked us all a beautiful brekky and we went to the park to play cricket afterwards. of course i didn't play myself, but i had a great time perving on deviant playing topless. so perty bunnies, oh, so incredibly perty.

Monday, March 20, 2006

yay for scandinavian meat!

my dear norwegian hottie friend (the one in the lil black dress grinding up'n down my leg) came to visit us for a month. she lived here for the year 2004. we picked her up from the airport last night.

this should be good fun. mind you i do fear that my poor lil liver will divorce me before she's back on the plane. she's trouble this one.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i wanna be...

ok. i confess. i confess. i can't help it. i'm an aging sad cunt and this hits some soft spot that i thought would have hardened up ages ago. but no.

youth group's forever young remake really did it for me. it was a beautiful day, we were heading to watson's bay for a few drinkies in the sun and they played the track on the radio. i felt a warm nostalgic flush and it made me go 'aaaawwwwww!' thinking back to my teen years. heh. fuck i must be getting old!

i still remember how i danced my first ever slow to the original version with *the* oh-so-cute dj boy. he was gorgeous and i was nervous as hell. i can also remember how it lead to my fragile lil heart getting thrown on the freeway during the rush hr about a week later. heh.
let's dance in style, lets dance for a while | heaven can wait we're only watching the skies | hoping for the best but expecting the worst | are you going to drop the bomb or not? | let us die young or let us live forever | we don't have the power but we never say never | sitting in a sandpit, life is a short trip | the music's for the sad men | can you imagine when this race is won | turn our golden faces into the sun | praising our leaders we're getting in tune | the music's played by the mad men | forever young, i want to be forever young | do you really want to live forever, forever and ever

some are like water, some are like the heat | some are a melody and some are the beat | sooner or later they all will be gone | why don't they stay young | it's so hard to get old without a cause | i don't want to perish like a fleeing horse | youth's like diamonds in the sun | and diamonds are forever | so many adventures couldn't happen today | so many songs we forgot to play | so many dreams swinging out of the blue | we let them come true | forever young, i want to be forever young | do you really want to live forever?
i know i will hate this track in a week or two after it's bloody everywhere. but since i don't do broadcast media i might be able to escape for a lil longer.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

one stress less?

i've prolly ranted on already how my student visa was running out? well, yesterday i was *finally* able to send off my application to prolong my student visa to cover my honours year. heh. had 4 days left on my current visa at that point.


i can tell you bunnies, those were pretty fucken stressful times.

so now i'm on a bridging visa until i get the result and all i can do is hope that everything goes well. i can stop stressing since the rest is not up to me.

so bring on the goon babe!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

heh. this made my morning: scarface in 90 secs. [via]

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

endearing habits

you know the way some silly lil details remind you of someone? and how those silly lil details are likely to be what you remember these people by after a decade or few passes?


deviant is a smoker. i'm not. while i'm not overly impressed by this bad habit of his, pretty much every one smokes so i've leaned to be tolerant towards it.

what i find highly adorable however, is the way deviant *always* leaves a lighter behind at my place. ever since the very first time we met, there has been a lighter of his left behind at my place.

at first it was always on the floor next to my bed. but after the first week or so, it found it's place on one particular shelf on my bookcase. the lighter itself changes nearly every visit. but there is always a lighter.

first one was a typical bright red bic lighter. it told me that the boy liked his beer. and opened them using his lighter.

today, it's a light orange one. left there to wait for me to see him again. as silly as it is, it makes me smile every time i walk past and notice it.

miss pearl's bday...

...and i believe i was very, VERY drunk...

Monday, March 06, 2006

bad feeling

[previous post deleted]

i am officially an idiot.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

low budget parties for poor student cunts

it's been a great weekend for a low budget one. i've had two fantastic nights out and practically spent no money at all.

on fri we went out at newtown with a selection of my work mates. and somehow the boys ended up buying all the drinks. you gotta luv a gentleman. the mario bros were there and while luigi behaved, mario did a very flaming rant on tits. and in this case, on my tits. 'ooh! and they smell like vanilla! i love vanilla!' what is it about poofs and the fascination on titties?

heh. i told luigi that i had to leave early on fri cause i took the train home. he gave me a funny look and then cracked up going: [insert here german accent] 'the train? you took the train home??? oh! i can still remember those student days!' [/german accent] heh. cunt.

and last night i joined the mario bros once more to do the mardi gras. i decided to go with the 80's butchy punk slut look and wore my hideous eagle tank top. none of the dykes had a go tho. the girly long fingernails are always a dead set give away.

didn't end up spending a cent. mind you, i did skip the after party. but the perv was all good and worth it. my feet were too sore from standing on the edges of that bloody milk crate by the time the parade finished anyway. but these guys are great fun. must make sure to drag my arse out with them more often.

looks like today will be a busy one too. i'm meeting muscles at 11 for coffee and we're planning to conquer mca and mebbe catch an early flick afterwards. it's good to catch up with him, since i don't get to spend time with him at uni anymore.

deviant has been out of town and is getting back today. so the plan is to catch up with him later tonight. he's going away for a week starting from monday so i better stock up before he goes.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


crazy times.

uni started again. so good seeing at least some of my old uni mates back on the horse again. mind you, i do think that this whole honours year thing is a bit overly masochistic even from me. let's see how shit goes.

the entire week has been very draining as i've had to deal with way too much of byrocratic bs. i won't go into the details or i'll just end up doing the mindless homicidal rant again. and that's no fun.

let's just say that my visa is running out in 11 days and the uni isn't making it easy for me to get it renewed. *cough-cunts-cough*

so yeh, let's hope that lbts won't be relocating to bloody helsinki in a couple of weeks. *crosses fingers*
"...but i thought you said finland had a maudlin quality rendering it unsuitable as a holiday destination." - "yeah i know."

Thursday, March 02, 2006


back on the trail of finnish sayings that make no sense what so ever:

i do believe that i have a pea about the size of an average water melon, lodged deep up my left nostril. sideways.
fucken hormones. it's annoying to be annoyed with no reason what so ever. thank gawd i don't get the needy shit. i just get homicidal. i think i need chocolate. and a lot of it.