Thursday, March 31, 2005

bloody finns, they're everywhere!

just after i had got over the shock of running into a finnish friend of mine in the city, they bombard the shopping centre i work in!

last night i swear i saw at least 10 finns in the centre! few of them showed up as customers and the accents gave them away straight away. the rest were easy to pick out from the crowd (the reindeer fleece jackets and nokia backpacks were a dead give away).

i was able to freak out this one guy pretty good. he shows up (looking very finnish) behind my counter:

-" excuse me, do you sell stamps? i need a stamp to finland..." (with a VERY strong finnish accent)
- "jep, loytyy hyvinkin, mutta ainoastaan viiden kappaleen paketissa."
- "kato PERRRRRRKELE! ihan etta kotimaisella! no perrrkele. ohhoh. niin. no jo on. pistetaan sitten saman tien 10 postimerkkia! no jo on perkele sentaan. ohhoh..."

funny shit.

(sorry bunnies, but the conversation really doesn't work translated.)

this reminded me of an earlier finn encounter:

january 2003, petronas towers, kl, malaysia.

in a group of people, stepping out of the elevator taking us up to the sightseeing bridge connecting the towers (after not seeing *any* finns for a month of travelling around thailand and malaysia) the first thing i hear when i reach the window:


yes. i nearly pissed myself.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

good ole ikea

heh, tell you something funny, bunnies:

sunshine had a lil nesting instinct disorder last weekend and he wanted to go to ikea to find curtains and shit for his room.

well, i pointed out that if he gets cool curtains he also needs to find a matching set of sheets to go with them. as i am the chicky and even worse an artsy one, i offered my help in choosing the set of sheets. while walking through the bed department, i pointed out three different sets that i thought looked best.

when we get to the bedding department and look up the three sets that i had pointed out earlier, they were *all* named "tanja". cracked me up.

he decided to go with this red funky "tanja" set. heh. now i've got my name all over his bed. yay for ikea!

dates and dating...

she's started doing it again. which launched her on a retrospective it-trip. (both linked entries in finnish).

i've only been on a total of three dates in my entire life. i dare say that its because i have a bad habit of not getting interested in a person before i know them pretty well. the interest sorta grows in over time if the person has potential but i never get interested in anyone based on the first impression. if someone just shows up and asks me out, i more than likely turn them down.

the three dates?
  1. painful. (1993?)
    this cute boy who was a friend of a friend of a friend had seen a my picture and wanted to get set up with me. well, friends did as they were told (i would have been abt 15 or so) and we ended up going to a party on a (very teen) double date.

    he was very cute, but unfortunately really fucken shy as well. after 3 hrs of sitting next to me not saying a word, while obviously desperately trying to come up with something to say, he goes "er... ummm... do you come here often?"

    at which point i stormed out screaming and punched my friend on the way out. that was the end of that.

  2. traumatic. (1997?)
    tho fortunately not for me. some yrs later i went on a blind date with a bloke and i had to choose the movie. well, i did. (can't remember the title anymore.) how was i fucken supposed to know that the movie begins with a 10 min hardcore gay porn scene???

    heh. the poor boy took off and never spoke to me again.

  3. wonderful. (2004)
    just last year this gorgeous bearded american thingie was chasing me for weeks and weeks and one morning, during my coffee at the front porch he caught me off guard and got me to go out for dinner with him.

    he took me to a wonderful thai restaurant at emu plains and got me trashed on cheap bourbon as a dessert. it was all very good.
then there's of course the whole one year of first dates with mr. pinstripe, but that's a whole other story. they don't really count anyway.


after going through all this shit again, i have to admit that i'm more than happy about my current state of being disgustingly happily coupled up.

sunshine still rocks my world and makes me smile. besides, he's a pretty damn good punching bag when i'm feeling cranky... tho at the same time he has enough balls to punch me back when i'm being too much of a prissy princess.

plus as a bonus he gives great hugs. which - being a snuggle-a-holic like me - is very, VERY important.


(testing picasa)

close call

the meat eating decision came close to happen last night.

i was going to order something meaty at the happy chef last night, but then i failed. the temptation of a seafood & tofu laksa was just too much to resist.

oh well, one more day as a non-red-meat-eater, but i do fear that my decision is pretty much done.

Monday, March 28, 2005

tune for the last day of the easter break: björk - cocoon

"who would have known
that a boy like him
possessed of magical
who would approach a girl like me
who caresses cradles his head
in her bosom

he slides inside
half awake, half asleep
we faint back
into sleephood
when i wake up
the second time
in his arms
he's still inside me"


i think i scored a new job.

that's the good news. the bad news is that at least in the beginning it wouldn't be every week, so i still have to drag my arse to the bloody news agency too.

anyway, this new job sounds really cool. my electronic arts teacher from first year (who's married to my video arts teacher and the both of them are like only 2 years older than me) needs an assisstant and the working environment sounds really cool.

basically i'd be sitting in her office with her putting shit up on the computer, but she promised an endless supply of coffee and inane convos. so sounds good to me. and she said she'd introduce me to the ppl from the other departments as well, which might be the key to get enough hrs to fuck off from the news agency.

besides, she mentioned wine. loads of free wine. i'm always up for that.


i've been having weird debates with myself lately concerning my non-red-meat-eatness.

since eating in here is so difficult as it is, i've started to question my 10 year old decision to not eat (red) meat. maybe my diet would be more balanced and healthy if i did since the lactose intolerance is making everything pretty difficult as it is.

the only thing holding me back is the thought of giving up. will i be letting myself down if i do start to eat red meat again? even tho the point why i once stopped eating meat is long gone and forgotten?

tira dear, pls don't bash me for this...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

it's a tiny world after all...

trippy shit.

last night i'm walking home from work and just before i hit george st. i bump into an old friend of mine from helsinki!

back in 98-00 we shared a same circle of friends and used to go around every lil rave-ish happening and even did the 98 and 99 love parade bus stips in the same group of people.

tonight it's drinky-drinkies and catching up in finnish! yay!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

collaborating again

i'm collaborating with paul again and our project is starting to look really good. we spent the whole day at the printmaking rooms today. due to the bloody old mac, fucken slow printer and a lil technical mishap we didn't get that much visible results tho.

we're playing with these 6 images (three on left stills from deep throat and chosen by me, three on right chosen by paul from his video work) and process screen print them on a big arse sheet of good quality paper. then we'll start playing with them a bit more by layering other shit on top of them, but more abt that later when the idea develops a bit more.

we were able to take the idea a whole heap further and it's starting to look really interesting. and we did get most of the pre-printing work done, which is usually the part that ends up eating most of the time anyway.

can't wait to start printing tho. it's been over 6 months since the last time i rolled up my sleeves and got my hands dirty!

i don't think i have ever wanted anything as much as i wanted to stay in bed this morning. sleeping in and snuggling sunshine till tomorrow arvo seemed better than a slice of heaven. yet here i am, freesing my arse off in my pajamas and eating my morning porridge.

nothing is better than a warm hug, under a thick doona while the rest of the world just seems cold as hell.

fuck i can't wait for easter holidays.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

observing for a change

i witnessed this phenomena as i walked up the stairs to my room.

somehow the sunlight was coloured by the yellow-green marimekko 'unikko' curtain on my window and reflected by my nearly shut door, so that ended up projected on to matt's door as this beautiful pattern.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

"how far does a girl have to go to untangle her tingle?"

heh. good ole studio arts.

i am doing my project on the original 1972 porn cult classic deep throat and i just managed to hunt a copy down from one of the local porn shops.

plot: "linda, frustrated that her hugely energetic sex life leaves her unsatisfied, seeks medical help. the doctor informs her that the reason for her problem is that her clitoris is mistakenly located at the back of her throat - but there is a very simple remedy, which the doctor, and various other men, proceed to demonstrate..." [imdb]

selected quotes:
linda: "how would you like it if you had balls in your ears?"
dr. young: [pause] "i guess i could hear myself coming!"

helen: "mind if I smoke, while you're eating?"

last man: "say, what's a nice joint like you doing in a girl like this?"

wilbur wang: [on the telephone with dr. young] "you gotta help me. i'm in love with linda. we want to get married... thank you. there's only one problem - she needs a nine inch cock."

i can tell you bunnies, this shit is priceless!

Friday, March 18, 2005

nearly weekend

gah. finally its friday, but i start my workday at 4pm when other's already head to the bar. not fun.

this weekend will be pretty full on uni work, since i have two bigger assessments next week and we really need to kick start our collaboration with paul on monday. need to do some preparing work for that too.

the collaboration seems to be starting pretty well tho. we finished the project proposal on thursday and the concept is pretty solid and very inspiring. we also came up with a pretty good title for the project: "observations of fusing emotions through the method of masochistic meditation" heh. a good title is always half of the work.

but now its time to run to work.

friday giggles

"the questions below about australia, are from potential visitors. they were posted on an australian tourism website and the answers are the actual responses by the website officials, who obviously have a sense of humour.

q: will I be able to see kangaroos in the street? (usa)
a: depends how much you've been drinking.

q: can you give me some information about hippo racing in australia? (usa)
a: a-fri-ca is the big triangle shaped continent south of europe. aus-tra-lia is that big island in the middle of the pacific which does not... oh forget it. sure, the hippo racing is every tuesday night in kings cross. come naked.

q: which direction is north in australia? (usa)
a: face south and then turn 180 degrees. contact us when you get here and we'll send the rest of the directions.

q: can you send me the vienna boys' choir schedule? (usa)
a: aus-tri-a is that quaint little country bordering ger-man-y, which is...oh forget it. sure, the vienna boys choir plays every tuesday night in kings cross, straight after the hippo races. come naked.

q: please send a list of all doctors in australia who can dispense rattlesnake serum. (usa)
a: rattlesnakes live in a-meri-ca which is where YOU come from. all australian snakes are perfectly harmless, can be safely handled and make good pets.

q: i have developed a new product that is the fountain of youth. can you tell me where i can sell it in Australia? (usa)
a: anywhere significant numbers of americans gather

q: i was in australia in 1969 on r+r, and i want to contact the girl i dated while i was staying in kings cross. can you help? (usa)
a: yes, and you will still have to pay her by the hour

q: will i be able to speak english most places i go? (usa)
a: yes, but you'll have to learn it first"

- from google groups: alt.nuke.the.usa [via]

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

brunette IS the new blonde

fuck being blonde! how come no one told me that brunettes get much more attention?!? i would have done this shit ages ago...

well, not that i really *need* outside attention atm... sunshine is where it's at. does always brighten up the day tho.

specially after being fucked around by cityrail. as usual, they (=cityrail) can suck my cock. it's fucken impossible to get to newtown by train. it took one hr to get from redfern to newtown (for non-sydney-siders: it's supposed to be a 3min train ride). grh. major grh.

anyways, uni work time. talk to you bunnies later.

Monday, March 14, 2005

hail to the king alcohol

oof. i do think that last weekend was rather heavily on the boozing side. so heavy in fact, that after the first lap of my morning jog today i felt like i was going to hurl my guts out. charming.

on saturday we had a couple of drinks at home before sunshine had the grand idea of hitting the pubs. already rather tipsy on the goon, we headed to the zansibar and started out with some tequila shots. we ended up getting utterly trashed and crawling home (gawd knows when) with bags full of oporto goodness. i believe i was so off my tits that without sunshine i would have fallen down the stairs. lots of giggles and funny conversations. always good.

yesterday i had the weirdest drinkies-and-pool experience i've had so far. we met up with sunshine's most recent ex j at town hall. after a seemingly endless hunt for new set of guitar strings we ended up in maloney's where sunshine and j had a couple of rounds of pool while i pointed and laughed. quite fluently really, since they both sucked. like really sucked.

the funny thing was that i ended up having a ball. we did every "absolute nono" conversation you can think of. which naturally resulted into us mean bitches ganging up against sunshine and having a point-and-laugh bitching fest. very entertaining.

sunshine: "well, i banged both of you!"
tp: "...hang on, that makes us spit sisters, doesn't it?"
j: "i'll drink to that." *raises a toast*

j: "yeh well, we never fucked in the bathroom?... ...yeh, that was the second story i heard yesterday; the used condom on the bathroom floor. nice one."
sunshine: "oh. OH. right. er... drinks, anyone?"

j: "looks like i'm officially the brains of the operation."
tp: "HEY! i recent that!"
j: "well... er... you've got the pretty hair?"
sunshine: "HEY! I RECENT THAT!"

Friday, March 11, 2005

yay for swamp bar!

maybe i'm not as old and useless as i thought i was.

last night i did the first jolly jugs of the semester (i missed the real first jj last thu because of the new john waters flick screening) and i had a fucken ball.

we started drinking at midday, attended a quick class at 2pm, back to the bar and i ended pissing it up till abt 4am. and i can tell you bunnies, that i was absolutely off my tits most of the time in between. fucken fantastic!

there's only few of the oldies left on campus, but we did our best and ended up having a great night out. lynnie showed up for the night as well, so a big portion of the night was just a nostalgic unit16 trip. yes, there was michael bolton. not to forget the house anthems: black eyed peas - let's get retarded, the postal service - such great heights and spiderbait - black betty. and yes, it was all very, very loud.

oh, and skulker did a gig at the swamp. which was pretty good. i still think that the singer is v. hot.

if any of you good ole pissheads read this: honestly guys, i had missed you all so much. thanks for the fucken awesome piss-up once again. you ppl rok

ooh ooh, almost forgot, i got carded for goon at the bottle-o too! wooohoooo!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

spoiled goods?

heh. i think i accidentally broke the boy.

he's lying on the bed next to me and whinging abt his sore legs. very "wanna - be - pathetic - and - get - loads - of - pity - because - i - like - pity" of him and very, very adorable.

"are you writing about my legs? why aren't you writing about my legs? was that about my legs? can i write about my legs?"

the poor lil thing walks like a cowboy. but that's ok because he likes cowboys. yeh, he is a weird one.

...if his legs fall off during the night, do i get my money back?

such a lil angel

5am jog done, there's a big bowl of uber-yummy apple and cinnamon porridge in front of me and the net is working. it really doesn't take that much to make me happy.

this morning it was actually sunshine who dragged me up. i was already going to give the morning jog a miss when the alarm went off. but when i turned to him to confirm and expected to hear a grunt followed by some snoring, he fucken gets up and starts getting ready.

now i feel great tho and i reckon it'll only get better once i get this porridge in me. i think this will be a good day.

uni-wise i only have film studies today and it's the screening day. that's always fun.

Monday, March 07, 2005

tropfest 2005 flashback


net at home again! un-fucken-believable!

[insert happyhappyjoyjoy mood here]

i hope i will never have to be net-less again. simply intolerable. i think i'll just enjoy the act of surfing for a lil while and then think abt filling you bunnies in with some of the highlights of the past two weeks (if i can think of any that is...).

Sunday, March 06, 2005


"vituttaa ku pientä oravaa ku käpy on jäässä."
that's the best i can come up with to describe my mood atm. unfortunately it only really works in finnish. it involves tiny furry animals and frozen tv-dinners. don't ask.
went to see the new john waters flick a dirty shame on thursday and it was awesome. better than i expected actually. i was pissing myself from beginning to the end. half of it to the humour and half for the fact that it was just so very wrong. luveded it in other words.
was a lazy ass bitch last night and missed mardi gras. we got shitfaced at home and played cards instead. it wasn't as bad as it sounds even tho i was in pretty bad mood. to top it off i watched a really bad movie (alien vs predator). tho to balance it out a bit i finally had a chance to see a man without a past which was absolutely brilliant. definitely worth all that hype. strongly recomment it to anyone who hasn't seen it.
anyways, this net cafe is starting to shit me. i should have net at home tomorrow (FUCKEN FINALLY!) so i'll be with you then again. now over and out, bunnies.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

back to uni

here i am again. back in the friggen uni comp labs because of net problems at home. it's almost like nothing has changed.
well, not quite true, instead of being restricted to exist in kingswood, i do get to escape the horrid reality of western sydney soon. just a train ride away from happyhappyjoyjoy world of newtown. no matter how i whinge, it is worth getting up at 5:30am every weekday morning.
it's great to see all my uni mates again. didn't even realise it but i really have missed them so much! and yes, they're still just as fucked up as they were at the end of the last semester. good value.
this year i'm doing video (aaagain!), drawing (tho i fully intend to use those classes for printmaking and "draw on the plates"), film studies (big fan of rutherford even tho she still does scare me a bit. but the unit seems really promising. can't wait.) and of course studio art.
looks like i have a busy but interesting semester ahead of me.
tropfest on sunday was a ball. we were camping out at the domain since little past midday. we had it all: plankets, full on gourmet picnic dinner, playing cards and of course the goon. great fun i tell you.