Friday, March 11, 2005

yay for swamp bar!

maybe i'm not as old and useless as i thought i was.

last night i did the first jolly jugs of the semester (i missed the real first jj last thu because of the new john waters flick screening) and i had a fucken ball.

we started drinking at midday, attended a quick class at 2pm, back to the bar and i ended pissing it up till abt 4am. and i can tell you bunnies, that i was absolutely off my tits most of the time in between. fucken fantastic!

there's only few of the oldies left on campus, but we did our best and ended up having a great night out. lynnie showed up for the night as well, so a big portion of the night was just a nostalgic unit16 trip. yes, there was michael bolton. not to forget the house anthems: black eyed peas - let's get retarded, the postal service - such great heights and spiderbait - black betty. and yes, it was all very, very loud.

oh, and skulker did a gig at the swamp. which was pretty good. i still think that the singer is v. hot.

if any of you good ole pissheads read this: honestly guys, i had missed you all so much. thanks for the fucken awesome piss-up once again. you ppl rok

ooh ooh, almost forgot, i got carded for goon at the bottle-o too! wooohoooo!

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