Tuesday, March 15, 2005

brunette IS the new blonde

fuck being blonde! how come no one told me that brunettes get much more attention?!? i would have done this shit ages ago...

well, not that i really *need* outside attention atm... sunshine is where it's at. does always brighten up the day tho.

specially after being fucked around by cityrail. as usual, they (=cityrail) can suck my cock. it's fucken impossible to get to newtown by train. it took one hr to get from redfern to newtown (for non-sydney-siders: it's supposed to be a 3min train ride). grh. major grh.

anyways, uni work time. talk to you bunnies later.


Antti said...

Aahaa, nyt tunnistan sut täällä kaduillakin - tuun moikkaa jos satun näkee :)

ps. Kämpän löysin Victoria parkin vierestä - lähellä Rose Hotellia ;)

THE J Mo said...

I'm diggin the new doo color. Looks good on ya.