Tuesday, March 29, 2005

good ole ikea

heh, tell you something funny, bunnies:

sunshine had a lil nesting instinct disorder last weekend and he wanted to go to ikea to find curtains and shit for his room.

well, i pointed out that if he gets cool curtains he also needs to find a matching set of sheets to go with them. as i am the chicky and even worse an artsy one, i offered my help in choosing the set of sheets. while walking through the bed department, i pointed out three different sets that i thought looked best.

when we get to the bedding department and look up the three sets that i had pointed out earlier, they were *all* named "tanja". cracked me up.

he decided to go with this red funky "tanja" set. heh. now i've got my name all over his bed. yay for ikea!

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