Sunday, March 06, 2005


"vituttaa ku pientä oravaa ku käpy on jäässä."
that's the best i can come up with to describe my mood atm. unfortunately it only really works in finnish. it involves tiny furry animals and frozen tv-dinners. don't ask.
went to see the new john waters flick a dirty shame on thursday and it was awesome. better than i expected actually. i was pissing myself from beginning to the end. half of it to the humour and half for the fact that it was just so very wrong. luveded it in other words.
was a lazy ass bitch last night and missed mardi gras. we got shitfaced at home and played cards instead. it wasn't as bad as it sounds even tho i was in pretty bad mood. to top it off i watched a really bad movie (alien vs predator). tho to balance it out a bit i finally had a chance to see a man without a past which was absolutely brilliant. definitely worth all that hype. strongly recomment it to anyone who hasn't seen it.
anyways, this net cafe is starting to shit me. i should have net at home tomorrow (FUCKEN FINALLY!) so i'll be with you then again. now over and out, bunnies.

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THE J Mo said...

Glad to hear you're getting net access at your flat again soon. I know that will be a relief for you.