Tuesday, March 29, 2005

dates and dating...

she's started doing it again. which launched her on a retrospective it-trip. (both linked entries in finnish).

i've only been on a total of three dates in my entire life. i dare say that its because i have a bad habit of not getting interested in a person before i know them pretty well. the interest sorta grows in over time if the person has potential but i never get interested in anyone based on the first impression. if someone just shows up and asks me out, i more than likely turn them down.

the three dates?
  1. painful. (1993?)
    this cute boy who was a friend of a friend of a friend had seen a my picture and wanted to get set up with me. well, friends did as they were told (i would have been abt 15 or so) and we ended up going to a party on a (very teen) double date.

    he was very cute, but unfortunately really fucken shy as well. after 3 hrs of sitting next to me not saying a word, while obviously desperately trying to come up with something to say, he goes "er... ummm... do you come here often?"

    at which point i stormed out screaming and punched my friend on the way out. that was the end of that.

  2. traumatic. (1997?)
    tho fortunately not for me. some yrs later i went on a blind date with a bloke and i had to choose the movie. well, i did. (can't remember the title anymore.) how was i fucken supposed to know that the movie begins with a 10 min hardcore gay porn scene???

    heh. the poor boy took off and never spoke to me again.

  3. wonderful. (2004)
    just last year this gorgeous bearded american thingie was chasing me for weeks and weeks and one morning, during my coffee at the front porch he caught me off guard and got me to go out for dinner with him.

    he took me to a wonderful thai restaurant at emu plains and got me trashed on cheap bourbon as a dessert. it was all very good.
then there's of course the whole one year of first dates with mr. pinstripe, but that's a whole other story. they don't really count anyway.


after going through all this shit again, i have to admit that i'm more than happy about my current state of being disgustingly happily coupled up.

sunshine still rocks my world and makes me smile. besides, he's a pretty damn good punching bag when i'm feeling cranky... tho at the same time he has enough balls to punch me back when i'm being too much of a prissy princess.

plus as a bonus he gives great hugs. which - being a snuggle-a-holic like me - is very, VERY important.

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