Tuesday, March 01, 2005

back to uni

here i am again. back in the friggen uni comp labs because of net problems at home. it's almost like nothing has changed.
well, not quite true, instead of being restricted to exist in kingswood, i do get to escape the horrid reality of western sydney soon. just a train ride away from happyhappyjoyjoy world of newtown. no matter how i whinge, it is worth getting up at 5:30am every weekday morning.
it's great to see all my uni mates again. didn't even realise it but i really have missed them so much! and yes, they're still just as fucked up as they were at the end of the last semester. good value.
this year i'm doing video (aaagain!), drawing (tho i fully intend to use those classes for printmaking and "draw on the plates"), film studies (big fan of rutherford even tho she still does scare me a bit. but the unit seems really promising. can't wait.) and of course studio art.
looks like i have a busy but interesting semester ahead of me.
tropfest on sunday was a ball. we were camping out at the domain since little past midday. we had it all: plankets, full on gourmet picnic dinner, playing cards and of course the goon. great fun i tell you.

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