Thursday, March 31, 2005

bloody finns, they're everywhere!

just after i had got over the shock of running into a finnish friend of mine in the city, they bombard the shopping centre i work in!

last night i swear i saw at least 10 finns in the centre! few of them showed up as customers and the accents gave them away straight away. the rest were easy to pick out from the crowd (the reindeer fleece jackets and nokia backpacks were a dead give away).

i was able to freak out this one guy pretty good. he shows up (looking very finnish) behind my counter:

-" excuse me, do you sell stamps? i need a stamp to finland..." (with a VERY strong finnish accent)
- "jep, loytyy hyvinkin, mutta ainoastaan viiden kappaleen paketissa."
- "kato PERRRRRRKELE! ihan etta kotimaisella! no perrrkele. ohhoh. niin. no jo on. pistetaan sitten saman tien 10 postimerkkia! no jo on perkele sentaan. ohhoh..."

funny shit.

(sorry bunnies, but the conversation really doesn't work translated.)

this reminded me of an earlier finn encounter:

january 2003, petronas towers, kl, malaysia.

in a group of people, stepping out of the elevator taking us up to the sightseeing bridge connecting the towers (after not seeing *any* finns for a month of travelling around thailand and malaysia) the first thing i hear when i reach the window:


yes. i nearly pissed myself.

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