Monday, March 28, 2005


i've been having weird debates with myself lately concerning my non-red-meat-eatness.

since eating in here is so difficult as it is, i've started to question my 10 year old decision to not eat (red) meat. maybe my diet would be more balanced and healthy if i did since the lactose intolerance is making everything pretty difficult as it is.

the only thing holding me back is the thought of giving up. will i be letting myself down if i do start to eat red meat again? even tho the point why i once stopped eating meat is long gone and forgotten?

tira dear, pls don't bash me for this...

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Anonymous said...

how about trying it for like 3months and see if it makes a difference with ur health.

if yes then great, if no, then you can go back to the way u used to be.