Monday, March 14, 2005

hail to the king alcohol

oof. i do think that last weekend was rather heavily on the boozing side. so heavy in fact, that after the first lap of my morning jog today i felt like i was going to hurl my guts out. charming.

on saturday we had a couple of drinks at home before sunshine had the grand idea of hitting the pubs. already rather tipsy on the goon, we headed to the zansibar and started out with some tequila shots. we ended up getting utterly trashed and crawling home (gawd knows when) with bags full of oporto goodness. i believe i was so off my tits that without sunshine i would have fallen down the stairs. lots of giggles and funny conversations. always good.

yesterday i had the weirdest drinkies-and-pool experience i've had so far. we met up with sunshine's most recent ex j at town hall. after a seemingly endless hunt for new set of guitar strings we ended up in maloney's where sunshine and j had a couple of rounds of pool while i pointed and laughed. quite fluently really, since they both sucked. like really sucked.

the funny thing was that i ended up having a ball. we did every "absolute nono" conversation you can think of. which naturally resulted into us mean bitches ganging up against sunshine and having a point-and-laugh bitching fest. very entertaining.

sunshine: "well, i banged both of you!"
tp: "...hang on, that makes us spit sisters, doesn't it?"
j: "i'll drink to that." *raises a toast*

j: "yeh well, we never fucked in the bathroom?... ...yeh, that was the second story i heard yesterday; the used condom on the bathroom floor. nice one."
sunshine: "oh. OH. right. er... drinks, anyone?"

j: "looks like i'm officially the brains of the operation."
tp: "HEY! i recent that!"
j: "well... er... you've got the pretty hair?"
sunshine: "HEY! I RECENT THAT!"

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