Sunday, October 10, 2004

avoiding uni work (again)

alright. this is one of those lazy sundays when i know that i should be working on my assignments and shit, but end up doing anything but.
i started to think what has changed/happened during the last two years. two years ago i was about to go through probably some of the biggest changes in my entire life:
  • i quit my job
  • applied to a university
  • changed my career path from commercial graphic design to fine arts
  • ended a long term relationship
  • went on a long backpack trip to asia
  • moved from helsinki to sydney
  • left all my family and friends behind
  • commenced university studies in a foreign language

and that all was really fun. except of course leaving family and friends behind. thank gawd for internet, cause it's making it fairly simple to keep up with at least some of them. oh and i never expected it to be this difficult to give up lactose free edam cheese, real finnish dark rye bread, lactose free milk, dry apple upsider, salmiakki and hyla strawberry puffet ice creams...

and what has actually happened after i was queuing up to the check-in desk at helsinki international airport on 11th december 2002? i have:

  • seen 5 new countries
  • seen 10 major landmarks (or tourist attractions, what ever you want to call them) in 4 different countries
  • made new friends from 17 different countries
  • lived with a total of 9 different flatmates
  • got into and out of two relationships
  • fallen in head over heels two times (funny enough only one is the same as above)
  • completed three semesters of fine arts studies in a local university (will complete fourth in a month or so)
  • sold four artworks
  • learned to be proud to refer to myself with terms like "european", "scandinavian" or "finnish"
  • learned to drink white wine
  • gone blonde
  • bought 27 new pairs of shoes
  • broadened my taste in music (adding artists like nine inch nails, rammstein, marilyn manson, the white stripes, arab strap, john butler trio, a perfect circle etc on my playing list)
  • learned to appreciate the existence of swivel taps, drying cupboards, central heating and front loaded washing machines
  • learned to be much more tolerant, adaptive and patient with everything and (almost)everyone
  • started to do method putkisto
  • lerned to eat (and love) soy products like milk, cheese and tofu
  • got addicted on sushi
  • lived three months on plain 3 minute mi goreng noodles (don't try this at home bunnies, NOT HEALTHY)
  • hurled my guts out while someone was holding my hair back for the first time in my life
  • started blogging
  • (and last but definitely not least) have found out a lot about myself that i had not realised i was cabable of before

alright, i think that's enough of a list for now even though i could still continue it. i'd like to add shit like "drank x litres of goon", "finished x bottles of whiskey", "paid $x of tuition fees", "spent $x on booze and partying" and so on, but i think calculating those figures would be way too depressing...

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