Thursday, August 31, 2006

inspired out of my brain

funny times bunnies.

i've been so incredibly inspired this week that its borderline scary. i'm coming up with new ideas for art works every day and its getting so overwhelming that i'm starting to forget them. i've actually had to start a new journal on macjournal just to store the ideas.

i've got 5 new works on my to-do list and all of them have formed in my head between monday and thursday.

mebbe the inability to vent out the creative energy through sex has transformed into a need to create? fuck. does this mean that to be inspired i must stop having sex? now there's a scary thought if i've ever seen one!

anyhoo, the latest one popped up in my head yesterday as i was walking home from work. and now i need a polaroid camera. i've always wanted one but since the film is sooooo bloody expensive, i've never been able to justify buying it.

what's a good (and cheap) polaroid camera? where can i buy one around cbd sydney / online .au stores?

by the way, if any of you mac using uber-bunnies are also blogger / livejournal users: macjournal kicks arse.

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