Monday, February 21, 2005

a saint. a bloody saint.

i started the day with a jog and continued by cooking the chicken that i marinated last night. so it's healthy and oh-so-yummy chicken salad for me this week too.


the french boy was talking me into going for a nude drawing class tonight and i have to say that even tho i'm scared shitless abt drawing in the public, i am very tempted. and i know i should go. i mean, i am doing a friggen drawing advanced unit this semester. i might as well start getting ready for it.

yes. i think i'll go. then i can pick up sunshine from work after the class. now wouldn't that be cute?


oh and row just dropped off my wonder medicine. $11 and i should be on my way to a healthier (and better looking!) tomorrow.

i tried nature's cure a year ago and it helped within couple of weeks! now anyone who's ever had issues with their skin knows that any medicine takes friggen months and months to show even the least improvement. needless to say this shit is magical and i've been more than desperate to get more of it.

its practically impossible to find the drug in here due to the friggen impossible quarantine laws of australia. the previous time i got a montly dosage from my canadian flattie who had bought it from the states.

then a lil while ago i found out that one our friends was actually a naprapath and worked in a health store. i gave her a list of the incredients list and sure as hell she was able to make it for me. yay!

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