Tuesday, February 22, 2005

yay for salla!

nothing beats receiving a parcel in the post. absolutely nothing.

salla, a dear finnish friend of mine was raving on abt this book ages ago and got me all excited abt it too.

she promised to get the book for me and add a box of wiener nougat (an uber-yummy finnish milk free chocolate that is to die for) to the parcel as well.

this was over a month ago, so i had already lost any hope of actually receiving the package. i thought it would have been lost in to the bottomless pit of the australian customs.

but no. there it was, waiting for me when i was leaving for my jog.

1 comment:

Timo Riitamaa said...

But now you have to translate the book into english to make good use of it. I mean, it's probably not you who needs the guidance on finding the G-spot.