Wednesday, February 16, 2005

time to kick my own fat arse

this is it. i would like to officially launch The (Finnish) Summer 2005 Beach Babe Project as of this moment. in other words i want to be able to wear a set of skimpy bikinis without crying my eyes out on my next visit to finland.

this is the official death penalty to my wobbly bits and a serious public spanking to my sinful cravings. no more candy, no more pad thai (yes, even tho you can't see the tears i can assure you that i'm crying inside) and no more white fluffy bread. no.

it's all health health health from now on darling.

to kick start this good girl regime of mine i did a two hr workout followed by a one hr stretching session today. i even changed my regular office chair into a gym ball. yes, i know, i know: such a good girl i am. tonight i have to talk the boy into helping me too... knowing sunshine he shouldn't be too difficult to talk into following the famous angelina jolie method (*).

oh, and i'm going to cook my famous chicken salad and feast on it for the next few days. for once something healthy is uber-yummy too.

and before you shoot me down bunnies, i know it's pathetic and doomed, but hey... let a girl dream, will ya? i'm sure i'll be crash landing on my own in no time and you all get to point and laugh.

(* = "sex keeps me fit". even the weight watchers acknowledge that 5 minutes of active (no, starfish just won't do it) sex equals to 15 minutes of jogging. and fuck i hate jogging.)

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