Tuesday, February 08, 2005


sorry bunnies, i've been distracted lately. very distracted indeed. too much flirting to do and sexual tension to built to actually have time to blog abt it.

there is a boy. there. i've said it.

i found him from my backyard. he was very arrogant sitting there smoking a cigarette and dissing my goon (especially since later on he finished the whole damn cask). he thought i was a dumb blonde vis. arts bint and i thought he was a dickhead. so naturally we got along great.

then we spend the whole beginning of the year sitting on the backyard couch all wrapped up in d&m's and him bewitching me little by little with his guitar.

the first kiss was magic. the second was even better. now i'm grinning non-stop like a stoopid lil teen girl and my tummy is filled with butterflies.

i thought i was too much of a cynical old hag for this shit.

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Anonymous said...

nauti! kyseinen perhoslaji tuntuu kuolleen sukupuuttoon, joten ota ilot irti!
:: hansu