Friday, February 18, 2005

the house

the house has been quite interesting lately.

first of all there's this shit hot male thingie that has been making me happy for a while now. i'm starting to get quite convinced that he really is as wonderful as he seems. maybe even more.

then the frenchman drags home a bolivian artist from this art exhibition piss-up we went to. sergio's adorable, talented and even tho his english is not quite there, he's still a very cute pet to have around. he's been hanging around for few days now.

then without a warning sunshine marches in with his mum the other night. that was a bit of a shock. tho after a lovely thai dindin soaked in wine i was able to relax a bit and she turned out great.

and this morning when i wander downstairs to get a cup of coffee, there's some young lil male thingie that christy had dragged home with her. good on her.

i wonder what finds it's way into the house next...


heh. looks like i was on the money with the future expectations.

just received a phone call telling me that someone is appearing in the house within the couple of hrs. poor boy.

i promised to be gentle. so no pointing and laughing (or mocking) for few days. well, at least untill we get a few beers into him. maybe then a little bit. but just a little.

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