Thursday, March 08, 2007

more celebrating

heh. resigned from my current job yesterday. fuck me it felt good!

i marched into my bosses office - no doubt he was expecting me to beg on my knees for a job because of my situation - and gave him six-and-a-half hour notice. bunnies, you should have seen his face.

i was grinning the entire day and had a great time with miss pearl. we had a fantastic two hour lunch at clock on crown. their rump steak is nothing short of phenomenal!

i think i found what i want to reward myself with tho. there's this lil design boutique that stocks most of marimekko's fabrics. i hadn't seen some of the maija louekari's designs before and i fell in love with kaiku (finnish for 'echo') at first sight! somehow she has captured the essence of the beauty of finnish summer in the design.

one repetition of the design is 250cm and the fabric is 145cm wide. i was planning to frame it on my wall. well, stretch onto a frame really. i think it'll be perty...

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samuel said...

Well done, t. Glad to hear about the job.

And the steak.