Monday, March 26, 2007

autumn in the air

*deep sigh*

looks like autumn is coming for real. last night was the first when i had to dig up my doona from under the bed. i think its time to invest in a new set of cute pjs soon.

why is this daylight savings thing always such a bloody kerfuffle? i *never* know beforehand when its supposed to happen. fuck i was confused once again this morning when my backup alarm went off before my macbook woke me up with its soft tender air tunes.

there was a fair bit of 'wtf?!?' in the air while staring at the one hr time difference between my mobile and my laptop. and since i was not even half awake, it did take a while before the penny dropped. and when it did, fuck i was happy to crawl back under the doona.

but tell you what bunnies, this whole weather getting colder shit isn't made any better by the fact that my favourite heat source is sitting on a rock far away from sydney. what am i going to leech heat off from now?

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