Thursday, March 29, 2007

yay for free alcohol

i got a call from my previous boss yesterday inviting me to the last piss-up at the premises we used to work at.

pretty much all the current and a good portion of the previous employees should be showing up, so it should be fun. besides, now that i've escaped, its good to go back for a visit.

its great seeing miss pearl again. its kinda weird not seeing her on daily basis anymore. also kato should be arriving and hopefully super mario too.

tomorrow i have a piss-up with the new work ppl. we're going downhill karting. i have no idea what it actually is, but it sounds like fun. also, its a bonus to be able to get home easily, since half of the office lives within a few blocks from my place. heh.

i'm actually really looking forward to spending time with these bunnies out of office, cause they really are a great bunch. entertaining as all hell and no doubt can put away copious amounts of alcohol in an impressive manner. so that should be a ball.

now if i just could get my visa application finalised today and stop thinking abt it, then i could relax tonight, enjoy tomorrow and look forward to easter hols.

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