Saturday, March 31, 2007

team building?

fuck team building exercises, we took the 'out of my fucken way!' approach. and fuck me it was fun!

grass karting. best fun you'll have with your clothes on outside shoe shopping bunnies! it was fan-fucken-tastic!

we - the entire office of 11 people - found ourselves at the top of a very steep hill with stunning views. we got handed a helmet and told to sit on this 'thing' that they told us was a kart. it was just a metal frame with four wheels. no steering wheel, no seat, no breaks, nothing to keep you safe from killing yourself.

we got seated on these death traps on the top of the hill and then pushed down. i was honestly scared for my life and it was awesome! our tiny asian web builder didn't have the mass to keep her seated on the kart and i think she topped the stacking it chart.

one of our account managers and our programmer luveded it and got a lil crazy with the driving and performed a serious of quite impressive crashes, finishing off with the accoung manager getting seriously airborne while leaving the kart behind and ending up doing his back in big time.

i had an absolute ball. the rest of the night was having a bbq at our other account managers incredible house (with pools, tennis courts and the lot), with the creative team starring on the comedy hour. i don't think i have ever laughed as much. i was crying half of the time and i don't think it was even that funny.

fantastic times bunnies, fantastic times!

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