Thursday, March 15, 2007

shoes, oh, glorious shoes!

i got my first paycheck from my new job yesterday. oh the glorious day!

the office is right next to oxford st. now i have a feeling that this tiny detail concerning the location will have a drastic effect on my budget. so many pretty things!

i went to get some lunch with this feisty petite lil producer chicky and of course we fucken ended up shopping for shoes!

mind you i did score a drop dead gorgeous italian $400 pair of heels for a very good price. gorgeous classy cream coloured leather shoes with a very feminine vintage feel to them. it was love at first sight.

speaking of shoes, please ignore the fact that i just posted a pic of lindsay bloody lohan.

focus on the shoes bunnies

I - NEED - THOSE - SHOES ! if any of you bunnies see heels like that somewhere around syd pls let me know! they are absolutely gorgeous!

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