Tuesday, March 27, 2007


i am a female. this means my sense of direction as well as the ability to read a map have been over-written with more complicated neural patterns, providing me with such perks as emotional intelligence, vanity and complete and utter lack of logic.

in other words, if you need product a fetched from location b, you simply don't send female c on the mission.


i was asked to pick up certain items from a well known office supplies reseller at bondi junction.

there i was, oh so certain of the location of the aforementioned store, enjoying a coffee in the morning on my way through the mall. only to realise on arrival the store in fact belonged to another well known office supplies reseller and that i had no clue where to find the store i was looking for.

of course eventually - after more than 30 mins of cursing and running around in heels - i managed to locate the store i was after, but fuck me it was an effort for a quick joke designed to operate as a meeting ice breaker.

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