Tuesday, January 04, 2005


there went my day off. meeting someone was nice and we had a good time. mca was alright even tho i hated pretty much everything i saw. but then again, that's the case every time. why the fuck am i doing art if i hate most of it?
  • bridget riley - hated it.
    neat and kinda cool, but too clean and perfected to do anything to me. i was bored after the few first works and besides, they made my friggen eyes hurt.
  • lee bul - hated it.
    i liked the public humiliation aspect of her 'karaoke pod', but that's abt it. the rest was full on bleached giger meets manga. and i hate both.
  • destiny deacon - meh.
    any artist who uses mutilated barbie dolls, dolls and teddy bears in her work should be spanked like a bitch. that shit belongs to a year 12 teen angst work, not in a major gallery exhibition.
    tho i have to admit that some of the images were really beautiful and interesting. specially the colours and compositions were nice.
    but i fucken hated the way they were hung on the wall. it was shitting me all through the exhibition. extra points for that. in fact, i'm considering doing the same for my next assessment.

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stu willis said...

Why do you do art if you hate most of it? Cause you want to see if you can make art that you (personally) don't hate?

It seems to me that those who are really good at something creative are driven by the desire to good work... and are never really satisified by whatever they produce. Often they'll also be able to rip shreds into everyone elses work... sometimes to the point of hating most of it.

In other words, you do art because you're an artist not because you like art.