Monday, January 10, 2005


i just read the scariest thing for a while, thanks to ihmissuhteet blog (in finnish). i never thought i was such a clear textbook example. what a disappointment.

here's a quick translation of the text (an article in ellit):
  • "masculine women are usually extremely competitive and aggressive control freaks. they won't accept being control freaks and they are immensely proud of their competitiveness and aggressiveness. they are also very proud about being strong. this is something they won't let go unnoticed, since (they think) people recognize a strong person from them advertising it to everyone. they also have a strong feeling that men are intimidated by strong women. not really all that surprising.

    children, animals and servants - deep down they all want limits. children require limits from their parents, animals from their owners and servants from their masters. masculine women can be added to the same category. they yearn limits from The Man, who can be seen as the master. here is one answer to freud’s famous "what do women want?" question.

    masculine woman enjoys power and control, but only at work, in politics and in the corporate world. in a relationship she wants to be a female; a weak little helpless thing, claimed and protected by The Man. controlled, but in a gentle, non-abusive way. she wants The Man to be the master who "punishes", when she has been naughty, and she loves to be naughty, cause she loves to be punished. she has the need to be out of line and out of balance every now and then as long as The Man sets the limits for her and puts her back in line.

    but the problem is that these Men are nowhere to be found, at least if you ask a masculine woman. all they see is poofters and weak, feminine men. maybe The Man is in fact only a fantasy created by the masculine woman. and on the other hand: if The Man existed, why on earth would he want to be with such a difficult woman?"
frig. tits and ass? would that help?


stu willis said...

depends. the quailty of the tits and ass must be directly proportional to your difficultnessness for the man to be interested.

either that, or they need weird mother issues.

Schizo-Janne said...

What a bullshit! Difficult persons are always turn on. But why the hell they describe strong woman masculine? To me competitive and aggressive women are really feminine.