Sunday, January 30, 2005

movies, movies, movies

we had a lil bit of a movie marathon with sunshine last night. out of three movies, one was absolutely fantastic, one was average and one just a complete piece of shit.

michel gondry:

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
it has been a while since a movie totally blew my mind off, but eternal sunshine of the spotless really did that. both charlie kaufman and michel gondry are just fucken brilliant. brilliant.

actually, i can't think of anything to complain abt this movie. the script was just mind blowing, the visuals were absolutely stunning, the audio supported both the story and visuals perfectly and the actors did a pretty damn good job. and this is from someone who would usually sees either one of them (jim carrey and kate whines-a-lot) a good reason to skip a movie (apart from truman show and quills that is). in fact, winslet does a better drew barrymore than barrymore could ever do herself.

stunning, just stunning. i strongly recommend anyone who hasn't seen this masterpiece yet to drag their arse to the closest video store and get it.

catherine breillat:
anatomy of hell
ok, i don't quite know what to think of catherine breillat.

she has a talent of making movies where every frame is visually perfect like it would be a still photograph on a gallery wall. in each frame every detail is carefully planned and thought of, every colour has a meaning and the compositions are just so flawless that it distracts you from the movie itself.

but at the same time every frame of the movie is overloaded with symbolism, every word of the dialoque is underlined with message and every single gesture of the actors is spelled out to support the dialoque. there is absolutely no subtlety. everything is spoon-fed.

i do appreciate the way breillat can build up an overwhelmingly intense mood in a single scene. like the final scene in her previous movie sex is comedy was just amazing. but then again, the rest of the movie was just an absolute piece of wank (apart from the shit hot leading male was walking around nekkid with a gigantic fake cock for most of the movie. which was nice).

i think i would have enjoyed this one much more if it would have been presented as 50-100 stills on the wall of a gallery. as i said, visually stunning, otherwise a piece of shit.

dodge ball
yeh well, this one was just what i expected.

cheap dodgy brainless giggles. very average, but at the same time very entertaining. did the trick. few scenes actually make my laugh my arse off which is always a bonus.

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konus said...

"Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"... excelent!...

I remembered the love, actually...