Tuesday, January 18, 2005

a bloody saint i tell you

the other day i was such a good girl that i went and bought myself weights.

two perty lil 4kg dumbbells. they were a bargain too. i was looking for a pair earlier but they were always around $20-25/each. this time we went to k-mart and there was only one pair left and no one could find the right price for them so the manager said that i could have them for $10. score!

now i've made a lil daily workout program that'll get me thin and gorgeous in no time. (oh shush, let a girl dream, will ya?)


yesterday i caught up with my ex over a cup of coffee. we haven't really been in contact since we broke up almost a year ago, but it was actually nice seeing him again. he wasn't as bitter and pissed off as i feared so it's all good.

he still does the tall, dark and handsome thing pretty fucken well. good on him.


i got recommended a new album and i really like it. love outside andromeda - love outside andromeda lp. try it out bunnies, it's good shit.

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