Saturday, January 08, 2005

flashback of the day - 2003

fucked up aussie blokes. i had been in the country for abt two weeks or so when we ended up having a piss-up with my new friends. i never know when to keep my mouth shut and that particular time it resulted into FIVE of them duct taping me onto an office chair for FOUR hours! five of them against little-ole-me!

they only agreed to let me go after my fingers were starting to get blue and i promised not to kill them afterwards. tho i did manage to leave a permanent dental record onto the shoulder of one of them.

the best bit was that in the middle of the duct taping process they ran out of tape and one of them had to go to the 7-11 nearby to buy more. so this dude walks into the convenience store counter and goes "hi, how are you mate? where do you keep your rope and duct tape?" and without even blinking the guy just points towards the right direction.

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THE J Mo said...

See? That's what friends are for! ;-)