Tuesday, January 04, 2005

day off

alrighty, i think it's time to get past my art hangover and get back on the horse.

after the end of the semester assessments i've been reluctant to touch art even with a long stick. today i'm abt to change that. i'm being dragged to the mca by someone. i'll tell you more about it later on.


ok bunnies, honestly, who put the "FUCK ME" post-it note on my back?

last night i walked home from work as i always do xcept that this time i got stopped 5 times by men trying to pick me up. i mean, wtf? i was looking like *shit*, cranky as hell and just desperate to get home cause i was starving. last fucken thing i needed was a pact of idiots to slow me down. yet there they were.

maybe i just looked cheap and easy. that'd explain it.

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