Thursday, January 06, 2005

weird dreams - part 2

i just remembered another weird dream from last night.

as background info for those who don't know me: i don't believe in marriage and certainly am not planing to do that at any stage.

anyway, here's the dream as i remember it:
  • i was getting married to someone i know (not entirely sure who it was, but it was a male who i felt close to).

    the trouble was that since i was getting married here in australia, the ring had to be put on my right hand's index finger instead of the ring finger and it didn't seem right to me. it made the whole thing feel uncomfortable and wrong.

    the ring itself was a wide sleek and curvy design silver ring and felt really uncomfortable. the ring wasn't on the finger i thought it should be on and somehow it just felt too big.

    i was twisting and turning it around for ages until i finally was able to turn it in a way that made it sit nicely against the middle finger. then suddenly everything felt comfortable and well-balanced again.
and that's it. i mean... wtf?

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Anonymous said...

Sormus on sitoutumisen symboli. Veikkaan, että tunnet joutuvasi sitoutumaan asiaan, johon et ole tottunut. Se ei näemmä tunnu hauskalta, mutta onnistut tasapainottamaan tilanteen, kun tarkastelet asian kaikkia puolia. Avainsana on sopeutuminen - asiat loksahtavat paikoilleen, kun säädät itsesi ja ympäristösi sopivalle taajuudelle.

Joka uniaan uskoo, se varjoaan pelkää... ;)

Unianalysaattori Kultasuu á la Corto Maltese