Monday, January 24, 2005

good shit

sorry bunnies, i fear i've been a bad and lazy girl when it comes to my dear blog.

i've actually had half a life lately. which is kinda scary. really scary. i've been very social with ppl within the past few weeks. can you believe that?

i met an ex of mine over a cup of coffee again the other day. if i'm totally honest, i don't really feel that close to him and it's a bit difficult to find topics to relate on, but then again we never did really connect. he's a good guy tho and i am hoping we'd be friends again one day without the weird remain of a tension between us. but that's tricky.

i also met mr. pinstripe over a cup of coffee the other night. first time for months and months. the poor guy's utterly fucked, but i think he's getting better. the fuckwit still has hope. it was already looking like he'd kill himself with work in record time. but he's still v. good value and even tho he had cut his hair very short "against my advice" as he said himself and he was a total wreck due to the lack of sleep and too much work, he was looking shit hot. as always. must be the pinstripe. once he's able to get a good night's sleep between all that work bs he might even be able to follow a conversation. heh. funny shit. " did i just say that out loud or was i just thinking about saying that...?"

and last night i met a group of my uni friends that i haven't seen for ages. i felt v. sober while they were just utterly fucked. like this is to a point that one of them was wearing kid's underpants on his head. the whole night. heh. good ole jonathan. they're definitely good value.

and the rest of the time i've been just laying on the backyard sofa with my cup of green tea and enjoyed a non-stop jukebox of good live music. "i'm not a bloody jukebox!" "suresure, sunshine, of course you're not. now do that radiohead song again..."

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