Sunday, January 09, 2005


this super size me t-shirt has been tempting me on our livingroom couch for couple of weeks already. it has been just lying there without an owner and i've been coveting it every time i walked past.

today my curiosity got the best of me and as i walked past i asked dan if he know's who's it is. apparently a friend of matt's bought it for her girlfriend but it was like 4 sizes too small. hence it was abandoned on our couch.

dan told me to play cinderella and said that i can keep it if it fits. sure as hell the shirt fits like it was made for me! woohooo!

sometimes it's good being a tiny lil thingie.


retarius said...

surprise presents are always the best...i notice your profile says you appreciate the disturbing and offensive aspects of life...i am both disturbing and offensive, so really, you should stop by my blog sometime.

Andy said...

Just a random comment, love your choice of music and style!