Monday, January 03, 2005

new year's resolutions(?)

i don't really believe in them. i think it's better to try to live your life the way you want to all the time, instead of doing sad attempts to correct it once a year. however i think i did somehow make a few new-year's-resolution-like decisions around the change of the year:
  1. celibacy.
    fuck it. i'm not getting any so might aswell make it feel like it was a decision in the first place. this year i'm a born-again-virgin.
  2. no booze.
    i've been the official party animal all through last year and i think it has been taking it's toll lately. i'll take it easy till i start feeling better. in the mean time cranberry juice rocks.
  3. no sugar.
    sugar has never been good to me, but i've been weak. i don't want to take this to the extremes, but just cut down on refined sugar using some common sense like no candy, no sugar in coffee, no yucky fluffy white 'bread', etc.
  4. less coffee.
    no more 8-10 cups of coffee per day. xcept maybe around uni assessments. green tea kicks arse.
  5. less mi goreng.
    substitute instant noodles with fresh veggies and fruits.
in a nutshell: be a good girl.

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