Saturday, January 01, 2005


starting 2005 by working was not a good thing. it took 3 energy drinks, one tall rocket fuel juice with guarana and a tall flat white to get anything even close to a smile out of me today.

(alright, that kitty is starting to freak me out. it's sitting on top of my monitor, staring at me intensively with that Wild Eyed Kitty[tm] expression and whinging. i feel like i was a bloody drumstick!)

the mexican boy next door dragged me out to the townie for a drink and catching up. which was nice. and even better since i was able to be a good girl and instead of the usual wine/whiskey/cider i had a plain cranberry juice. tasty, healthy and perty. and it looks like we might end up having a movie night tomorrow. entertainment is always a good thing.

tomorrow is (FINALLY) a day off. i think i'll make an official start of the new year girly pampering day out of it. and then i can finish off with a nice fucked up movie night featuring pink flamingos and sick: the life and death of bob flanagan, supermasochist. perfectly healthy and soothing material to inspire both body and soul.

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