Friday, December 01, 2006

bad video 'art' leads to heavy alcohol consumption

phew. the light motorcycle seriously left the hands on wed.

i went to see the cofa grad show with retro doll and pg and man did it suck.

i thought i was about to sit down and watch a video art screening and couldn't have been more wrong. its not an art school, its a fucken design school.

90% of the stuff we saw was just plain awful and boring. think wanna-be-manga animations, tv commercials and other showcase shit. i mean, don't get me wrong, most of the stuff was technically alright and some even fantastic. but fuck me it was boring compared to what i am used to at uws.

the three last works were fantastic tho. they had idea, originality and technical superiority. (unfortunately i lost the program during my drunken adventures following the screening so i can't mention names here)

after the boredom we did what any good ole artist can do and got sloshed. like *really* sloshed and did a pub crawl all the way back to the cross. fucken funny i tell you.

i have a hazy recollection of getting rid of a few young romeo-wanna-bes attracted by my leopard skirt at the world bar. and drinking lots more.

in the morning i was fine but i couldn't say the same abt pg and retro doll. they ended up crashing at my place and they were pretty fragile when i had to get up to get to work.

lack of practice i say.

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