Saturday, August 25, 2007

tigger bounce!

i was treated to the most hilarious case of real life slapstick comedy the other night.

we went out to the helen lempriere opening at artspace, which was a big deal this time due to pg making it as one of the finalists. so naturally we got sloshed. which was all good. in fact, we had an excellent night catching up with everyone.

i was pretty much gone so i went straight to bed when we got home. deviant on the other hand was feeling rather energetic and playful. so there i am, lying in bed and he storms into the bedroom and takes this massive tigger bounce leap into the bed.

now instead of landing on the bed like the frisky beast he is, the bed bounces him straight off into flight again and i hear this awful crash as he lands into the wardrobe. there is a silence that seems to last forever until i hear a weak trembling 'ow ...that hurt. a lot.'

poor tigger. i don't think the endless pointing and laughing helped either.

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