Monday, April 28, 2008

Gigging again

Such a rare treat to spend a weekend in Sydney nowadays. Deviant and I spend all our time running up and down the coast and never really get to enjoy the city life anymore.

Well, this long weekend was a refreshing change.

We went to see a joined album launch gig by The Snowdroppers and Nici Blue Eyes on Saturday. And I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable gig nights out I've ever experienced.

The Snowdroppers are a very cool good ole times blues band in 20's sorta working class getups.

"The Snowdroppers are an old style good time family fun band, whose feel good tunes harken from a more innocent era. From the days when jitterbugging, speak easys and contracting cholera was all the rage. They tackle issues such as substance dependancy, spousal abuse, homocide and good old fashioned misogyny."
Nici Blue Eyes is an adorable lil vintage chicky with a guitar.
"Melbourne-based Nici Blue Eyes and her band have won over the most unlikely of fans over the last year with their very own brand of original sassy, foot-tapping country with a twist. Their simple, stripped back sound is a perfect accompaniment to the sweet, breathy, broad ranging vocals of their rockin' front woman - the inimitable Nici."
Of course we ended up getting trollied and the next morning wasn't so much fun, but hey, that's what painkillers and nausea drugs are for, right? Who gives a fuck about car sickness anyway...

The Snowdroppers (from the gig)

Nici Blue Eyes