Saturday, November 27, 2004

few legs too many

i swear they are out there to get me!

i've been searching for furniture and shit for my room all day and i just (oh well, again) had the freak of my lifetime. i was in a small furniture shop and i found a beautiful 40's dressing table mirror that would look great on top of the fireplace (yay! i have a fireplace in my room!). so of course i picked it up to have a closer look and sure as hell there's a fucken big huntsman on the back side of the mirror.

i can't, for the life of me, understand how i was able to put the mirror back down on the floor calmly instead of screaming like a bitch and throwing it away...
yay! i found a simple wooden clothes rack and a beautiful old filing cabinet! don't ask me why, but i've always wanted to have one. they are just so ugly, hated and beaten up that i feel sorry for them. i had to save it.
now it's mine and it's perty and it's luveded.

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THE J Mo said...

Yep... over here where I live we have these things called cave crickets. They're like regular crickets except larger *and striped*. The don't bite or anything (that I know of at least) but they're pretty creepy - they make a huge mess if you smack one flat too.

Too bad you don't live nearer where I am as I've got some old furniture I don't have space for anymore that I'd donate to your cause.