Tuesday, November 23, 2004

life between boxes

hey hey hunnies, sorry abt ignoring you lately. i've been awfully busy and my dear baby isn't connected to the internet atm. so yes, we both are suffering from extensive withdrawal symptoms. [insert here shaky hands, mad eyes and cold sweat]

still staying in a temp room at newtown and finally moving into my new place on thu. honestly, cannot wait! don't get me wrong, i've enjoyed staying in this temp room aswell. the guys are great and the location couldn't be better, but i just hate living with all my shit still packed into boxes. better than kingswood tho. heaps better.

the shoeboxes have been temporarily swapped with big arse cardboard boxes of junk that fill my room and make my morning routines a living hell... "now which box was it that has my shampoo? where the fuck is that bra? where did i hide the shoes that i'm looking for?"

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