Saturday, November 06, 2004

feel-bad flicks top-5

inspired by misu (linked blog entry in finnish) i started to list my all time top-5 of feel-bad flicks:
  1. irréversible
    by caspar noé (2002)
    the fire extinguisher club scene makes my poor tummy jolt on every crunch and the 9 min real time rape scene pretty much annihilates the libido for weeks.
  2. lilya 4-ever
    by lukas moodysson (2002)
    the movie starts out bad and only gets worse and worse. another efficient libido eliminator.
  3. requiem for a dream
    by darren aronofsky (2000)
    drugs are bad, m-kay? the climaxing of the three stories in the end is just so uncomfortable to watch that it's simply brilliant.
  4. "double suicide" (ten no amijima)
    by masahiro shinoda (1969)
    142 minutes of slow, depressive and hopeless builup towards the evident double suicide of the lovers in the end.
  5. pink flamingos
    by john waters (1972)
    "like a septic tank explosion" - totally different from the previous four. not mentally heavy at all but just utterly disgusting. pink flamingos makes your insides jolt in a very unpleasant way when you know that this shit (quite literally actually) is for real.
    as a bonus, this movie has the original "chicken lover scene" spoofed in southpark. yes, there is a couple having sex, yes there is a chicken involved and yes, the chicken does get hurt. badly.

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